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An old one story house in disrepair sits abandoned in a wooded area with green mossy vegetation growing on the roof and dead leaves on the ground and poorly maintained shrubbery in front
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Do I Need to Have My Roof Cleaned?

While cleaning your roof might seem like a relatively low priority when it comes to home maintenance, doing so could drastically improve its appearance and durability.

Young Man Opening Red Car Door With Lockpicker
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What Is Larceny?

Larceny occurs when someone steals physical property from its owner and doesn't intend to give it back.

A lawyer standing in the middle of a high ceiling courtroom addresses a group of jurors in the jury box as the judge looks on from the stand in the background, jury box, jury, trial, criminal trial, legal trial, case, court case, legal case, courtroom, judge, lawyer, attorney
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What Is Indictment?

This term may be familiar to those who watch TV police dramas, but the logistics aren't necessarily clear. So, what is an indictment, and how might it affect the outcome of a criminal case? 

Critical case for an HVAC system repair
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What Happens If I Don't Change the HVAC Filter?

HVAC filters protect your system against dirt and debris, and may improve indoor air quality — so you need to change them regularly.

illustration of a living room with price tags attached to various items
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How Much Renters Insurance Do I Need?

If you rent, it's vital to have renters insurance to cover your belongings in the case of a covered loss. Learn more about the amount of coverage you need.

Mold in the corner of the white ceiling and pink wall, with white curtain on the left side.
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What Should You Do If You Find Mold in Your House?

A mold infestation isn't just ick-inducing. Knowing what to do if you find mold can help you resolve an infestation quickly and make your home healthier and more pleasant.

Critical case for a major appliance repair
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What Happens If I Don't Clean the Refrigerator Coils?

This article explains what refrigerator coils are and outlines the impact of dirty refrigerator coils. It also describes how to clean refrigerator coils.

ceiling damage
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5 Signs of Water Damage in Your Home

Inform yourself so that you know when and where to look to spot the early signs of water damage before widespread structural damage occurs. Here are five telltale signs of water damage in your home.


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