What Is Wage Garnishment?

Millions of U.S. workers lose earnings to wage garnishment, which lets creditors legally seize pay in order to satisfy debts. If you're affected, here’s what you should know.

What Does 'Licensed, Bonded and Insured' Mean?

If you hire a contractor who’s licensed, bonded and insured, you’ll be protected if something goes wrong with your renovation. Here’s a look at exactly what that means.

How to Find and Recover a Towed Car

If your car was towed, the next thing you need to find out is where it was taken. Read this guide to learn how to find a towed car and get it back.

Move That Car! How to Have a Car Towed

Perhaps you need to tow your broken-down car to the mechanic, or maybe someone else parked illegally on your property and you need to remove it. Here's how to have a car towed.

6 Ways to Conserve Water Without Sacrificing Your Lawn

Saving water is important, especially in communities where water restrictions make it difficult to keep lawns looking lush and healthy. These water-saving lawn-watering tips can help.


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