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A set of dentures with pink gums and white teeth is shown during the molding process, dentures, teeth, pink gums, gums, pink, white teeth, teeth, production, mold, dental, dentist, dental insurance, insurance, dental coverage, coverage, insurance, insurance coverage, medical, medical coverage, medical insurance
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How Much Do Dentures Cost?

Many people worry about the out-of-pocket costs of getting dentures. Discover how much dentures cost on average, with and without dental insurance. 

Two workers on the roof of a building working on the air conditioning unit.
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My AC Unit Is Leaking. What Do I Do?

There are causes of a leaking AC unit. Your best bet is to call an HVAC technician,  but there are a few things you can check first.

veterinarian checking the heartbeat of a golden retriever puppy with a stethoscope during an appointment
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Is Pet Insurance a Scam?

In trying to tame vet costs, you might have come across pet insurance options. Here’s a look at how exactly pet insurance works to help you decide whether it’s right for your pets.

A pair of hearing aid devices sit on a red surface, pair of hearing aid devices, pair, hearing aid, hearing aids, device, devices, hearing, aid, ears, human ears, red, red surface, red table, health, healthcare, health care, technology
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Does Medicare Cover Hearing Aids?

Medicare is the primary coverage for older adults — but it doesn’t always cover hearing aids. This is what you need to know.

An elderly man with gray hair is displayed in profile against a black background with the hearing aid in his ear visible, hearing aid, hearing, aid, deaf, technology, disabled, disability, handicap, handicapped, gray hair, elderly, elderly man, older man, older, health, health device, device, technology, health coverage, health insurance, health services, ears, ear, black background
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Getting Hearing Aids? Here's What to Expect

If you're considering using hearing aids for the first time, understanding what to expect can help make the process less daunting.

A male wearing a white shirt holds a credit card in one hand while looking at a laptop screen and typing with his other hand, male wearing white shirt, male, white shirt, man, human, human hand, hand, hands, credit card, charge card, credit, finance, financial, finances, laptop computer, laptop, computer, typing, technology, computer monitor, credit score, credit history
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How Do You Check Your Credit Score?

Your credit score is based on several factors related to your financial habits. If you learn how to keep track of your credit score, you'll be well on your way to taking control of your financial future.

lawyer and client looking at each other while discussing papers in office
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Do I Have an Employment Discrimination Case?

Discrimination laws can offer protection whether you're seeking a new job, pursuing a promotion or trying to make the most of your current position. If an employer has treated you unfairly, you may have an employment discrimination case. 

An elderly man with gray hair holds a hearing aid between his thumb and forefinger just a few inches from his ear, elderly man, hearing aid, hearing, health device, disabled, disability, handicap, handicapped, differently abled, ear, man's ear, elderly man's ear, gray hair, elderly man with gray hair, man with gray hair, human hand, thumb, fingers, aid, device, technology, health, trees, greenery, outside, outdoors
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How Much Do Hearing Aids Cost?

How much hearing aids cost depends on several factors. We break it down for you in this guide.


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