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Crack in the foundation of the house.
Home Improvement
Kaia Koglin

Are Pests Getting in Through Your Home's Foundation?

Is your foundation an open door to bugs, rodents and other animals? Learn how pests enter your home and steps you can take to shut off their access.

pool resurfacing
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Does Pool Resurfacing Cost?

A chipped, cracked or peeling pool surface can lead to dirt or algae buildup and even injuries. Discover how much pool resurfacing costs and what it involves.

Law enforcement officer interrogating Criminals male with handcuffs in the investigation room Police officer interviewing after committed a crime
Rowan Guthrie

Can Someone Be Arrested, Even If I Didn't Press Charges?

While you might think it's entirely your choice whether the perpetrator faces consequences if a crime is committed against you, that's not always the case.

A closeup of a female hand with a gold ring on the index finger operates a modern looking touchscreen on the white wall of a home that displays the controls of a smart ventilation system, white wall, female, female hand, gold ring, index finger, touchscreen, digital display, digital, smart ventilation system, smart technology, smart tech, technology, tech, ventilation system, ventilation, HVAC
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

How to Create a Smart Home on a Budget

Looking to make your home smarter? With these strategies, you can do it efficiently and affordably, enhancing both convenience and security.

Understanding insurance
Kaia Koglin

Deductible or Premium? Insurance Terms Everyone Should Know

Don't know your insurance premium from your deductible? Check this list of terms everyone should know to help clarify your insurance decisions and interactions.

A full complement of swimming pool chemicals and related implements sits in the foreground with the blue water of an in ground swimming pool visible in the background as well as greenery, swimming pool chemicals, swimming pool, pool, pool chemicals, chemicals, cleaning chemicals, chlorine, pH balance, blue water, water, trees, greenery, shrubs, swimming, chemical testing kit, pool testing kit
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Do Pool Maintenance Services Cost?

Careful budgeting is essential for keeping your pool investment in good condition — whether you're a DIY enthusiast or you prefer to hand it over to a professional pool guy.

A water pressure regulator device with a gauge is shown against a blue background, water pressure regulator, regulator, gauge, blue background, blue, water pressure, water, pressure, plumbing, plumber
Home Improvement
Missy Nolan

Is My Water Pressure Too High?

Water pressure shouldn't be high all the time — especially if you aren't intentionally keeping the pressure high. Household water pressure can be too high if it exceeds 80 pounds per square inch.

A Swimming pool being plastered and resurfaced
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

What Is Pool Resurfacing?

Not only does pool replastering renew the look of your swimming hole, but it could also help it last longer. Find out your pool resurfacing options. 

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