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person insulating pipe
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How Much Does It Cost to Insulate Your Pipes?

Pipe insulation is a quick and affordable home upgrade that could prevent major leaks and even trim your energy bills. However, it’s going to cost you a little chunk of change up front.

A strip of yellow police tape displays the order of Crime Scene Do Not Cross against a dark background, yellow police tape, police tape, tape, police, police line, line, crime scene investigation, crime scene, investigation
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What Does 'Homicide' Mean?

If you have been accused of homicide, it's important to understand the different types of homicide and what your legal options are.

Woman stands in front of window at airport   delayed  sign is superimposed on the window
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What Are Your Legal Options if Your Flight Is Delayed or Canceled?

Find out your legal rights if you're dealing with a delayed flight or cancellation. You may be entitled to a refund or other compensation.

An illustration shows the silhouette of a family being split apart by a tear down the middle with the mother and her young son holding hands on one side of the bisected image and the dad and his daughter holding hands on the other, family, divorce, divorce law, divorce lawyer, divorce attorney, lawyer, attorney
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Exploring the Possibility of an Unconventional Divorce

An unconventional divorce can lead to ending your marriage without a visit to family court. Here's a guide to navigating your changing relationship.

A large number of sod grass rolls sit in rows on a paved surface, sod grass rolls, sod grass, grass, sod rolls, rolls, landscaping, landscaper, landscape
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The Ultimate Transplant: Everything You Need to Know About Sod

Sod is a type of lawn or grass cover that is often used to quickly freshen up yards and gardens. It's easy to install, making it a great option for anyone looking for a fast way to pretty up their outdoor spaces.

A red and white colored ambulance with its emergency lights on drives on tree lined street past other vehicles, emergency vehicle, vehicle, health care, medical, medical vehicle, medical emergency, emergency, emergency vehicle, street, trees, grass, driving, moving vehicle, emergency lights, flashing lights
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The 411 on 911: Everything You Need to Know About Calling an Ambulance

If you haven’t called 911 before, you may not know what to expect. Knowing what will happen when you call an ambulance can help you prepare for an emergency.

Critical case for a major plumbing and drainage repair
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How to File an Insurance Claim for Water Damage

If you experience a significant loss due to water in your home, filing a water damage insurance claim can help you recover financially. Here’s what to expect during the claims process.

dense neighborhood with many houses
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Understanding the Impact of Location on Home Service Costs

Your home services professional may quote significantly more if you live in an area with high labor costs or challenging features. Here's why you're paying more (or less) than homeowners in other states.


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