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What's a Postnuptial Agreement?

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A postnuptial agreement gives married couples the option to protect their assets — even after they walk down the aisle. Learn how a postnuptial agreement works to decide if it could be right for your relationship.

How to Read a Basic Contract

While navigating legal jargon can be tricky, reading a contract doesn’t have to be intimidating. You just need to understand what elements these documents should contain and what red flags you should be watching for.

Car Vandalism 101: Crimes and Penalties

Whether you're a car owner who has experienced damage to your vehicle or you've been arrested for car vandalism, understanding what constitutes vandalism under the law and what to do next can help you protect your rights.

What Are Squatters' Rights and How Do They Apply?

Understanding squatters' rights and adverse possession is important if you're a property owner. You'll need to know your rights if you find an unauthorized person living in one of your properties.

Do I Have a Wrongful Termination Case?

If you feel you’ve been wrongfully terminated, you may wish to speak with an attorney. Here’s how to tell if you have a wrongful termination case worth pursuing and what you can do to increase your chances of success.   


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