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A human hand holds health insurance enrollment forms in the foreground as a doctor wearing a white lab coat sits in the background, insurance enrollment forms, insurance enrollment, enrollment, insurance, health insurance, health coverage, coverage, health, health care, doctor, physician, white lab coat, lab coat
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Can I Get Insurance After Open Enrollment?

Can you get insurance after open enrollment? The rules on enrolling outside of the typical enrollment period vary based on the type of health insurance you want.

An elderly person using a walker stands outside a residential door that has an eviction notice affixed to it, eviction, evicted, notice of eviction, eviction notice, kicked out, legal, illegal, wrought iron gate, door, exterior door, apartment, exterior apartment, house, home, exterior home, exterior house, front door, elderly, elderly person, walker
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I'm Being Evicted! What Are My Rights and Legal Options?

Knowing your eviction rights can help you fight the eviction or have enough time to find a new place to live. Here are some details on the process, but eviction laws vary by area, so consider your state's variations.

An insurance form shows check boxes for health coverage and the one for COBRA is highlighted, COBRA, health insurance, health, insurance, health coverage, health, coverage, medical insurance, medical, healthcare, insurance form, form, medical form
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What Is COBRA?

Understanding how COBRA works will come in handy if you leave or lose a job for almost any reason. Here’s the lowdown.

Broken snapped wooden power line post with electrical components on the ground after a storm
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Lauren Leazenby

Hit By a Hurricane? Here Are 11 Things to Know as You Clean Up

If you live in a hurricane-prone area of the U.S., you’re probably no stranger to these storms — and you might have even been ready for the most recent one. For anyone who was caught less than prepared, we’ve got a guide for you.

A human hand holds a medical insurance card showing that the holder has an HMO health coverage plan, medical insurance, medical, health insurance, health, insurance, coverage, HMO, health maintenance organization, HMO, PPO, medical card, medical, card, human hand, human, hand, insurance plan, plan
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What Is an HMO?

Whether you're comparing plans from your employer or buying a policy through the health insurance marketplace, it's important to learn more about HMO plans, so you'll know if one is right for you.

illustration of steam escaping a toilet
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Why Is There Hot Water in My Toilet?

If you realize your toilet has hot water in it, you’ll need to do some troubleshooting as to why it’s there so you can get to work on fixing it. Here's how.

Cycling gear lying in front of the car hitting the cyclist.
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What Do You Do If You Are In a Car Accident With a Bicycle?

Cyclists and drivers share the road every day in cities and towns across the country. Sometimes a collision is unavoidable, so it's a good idea to learn what you should do if you're ever involved in an accident involving a bike and a car.

A male and female married couple sit close together on a couch in the living room and appear amused while looking at the smartphone the man is holding, male and female, male, female, man, woman, male and female couple, married couple, couple, married, husband, wife, husband and wife, sitting on couch, couch, living room, love, close, sitting close, looking at phone, smartphone, living room, house, home, living room
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Do You Need a Prenuptial Agreement?

Protecting yourself financially is important, even if you can't imagine things going bad with your partner. Find out if a prenup is right for your situation.


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