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Installation a deadbolt lock
Home Improvement
Team eLocal

Need a New Deadbolt? Here's a Cost Breakdown

Knowing when a deadbolt should be replaced, and the potential cost to install or replace a deadbolt lock ensures you can meet your needs without breaking the bank.

Young happy woman switching on air conditioner sitting on couch at convenient cozy home, lady relaxing on sofa in living room holding remote climate control to cooler system set comfort temperature
Home Improvement
Sandy Hess

5 Reasons Why You Need to Keep a Home Inventory

While creating a home inventory may not be on your list of things to do this weekend, it’s a critical step to protecting your valuables and finances.

illustration of the progression of building a house
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

So You Wanna Build Your Own House: A Step-by-Step Overview

Building your own house involves what feels like a million steps. Knowing how to get started when building a house can help you get things moving.

grid of various luxury accessories showing damage and incorrect brand names
John Warbuck

What to Do If You're the Victim of a Counterfeit Product Scam

Is the gadget or accessory you ordered not authentic like you expected? Learn what to do if you become the victim of a counterfeit product scam.

The door to the water heater is open on a stainless steel Airstream mobile home parked at a campsite with its retractable awning extended, stainless steel Airstream mobile home, stainless steel, Airstream trailer, Airstream, trailer, mobile home, manufactured house, water heater, campsite, camping, camping area, camper, outdoors, outside, awning, retractable awning
Home Improvement
Sandy Hess

RV Security 101

Does your RV provide the same protection and security as your home? Probably not. This doesn’t mean you can’t add extra security features to your RV to provide the protection you want for your family.

A woman sits at a conference table in a well lit business office with her hands over her face in distress as two men in business attire gesticulate toward her in a condescending or aggressive manner, woman, business woman, intern, businessmen, business, law office, business office, conference room, office, laptop computer, computer, laptop, distress, emotional distress, angry, yelling, admonishing, aggressive, condescending, natural light, conference table, table, failure, reprimand, belittle
John Warbuck

Can You Sue for Emotional Distress?

Learn the legal definition of emotional distress and the process of filing an emotional distress lawsuit, and gain insight on potential grounds for an emotional distress case and whether it's worth it to proceed with legal action.

An electric wall heater is affixed to the red brick interior wall of a home with ceramic tile floors, electric wall heater, electric heater, wall heater, red brick interior wall, interior wall, wall, brick, red brick, grout, ceramic tile floor, ceramic tile, tile floor, ceramic floor, heating, HVAC, heater, wall heater
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Electric Wall Heater?

Electric wall heaters are relatively unusual in the U.S. but are also budget-friendly and quick to install.

electric vehicle charging port
Home Improvement
Lee Soren

What Is Trickle Charging?

If your EV sits unused in your garage, it can eventually run out of charge, leaving you stuck. If the thought of an uncharged car makes you long for your gas station days, trickle charging might be the answer.


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