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A landscaper trims the tall hedges of the well manicured greenery in a residential yard, yard, lawn, hedges, yard, landscaper, landscaping, landscape, flowers, flowerbed, grass, green grass, bushes, shrubs, residential, residential yard, residential lawn
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

What Backyard Improvements Yield the Best ROI?

Landscaping and backyard improvements can be expensive, so it's worth considering the impact of your project on your home's resale value. Here are the five best outdoor projects in terms of ROI.

An extreme closeup photo shows a ladybug with a red body and black spots sitting on a green leaf against a green blurred background, ladybug, lady bug, green leaf, leaf, ladybug sitting on a leaf, red body with black spots, black spots, polkadots, leaf, leaves, nature, greenery, green background, insect, insects, bug, bugs, pest, pests, pest control, exterminator
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

Are There Any Harmless Home Pests?

Unless you're a fan of creepy crawlies, bugs are probably an unwelcome sight inside your home.  However, not all common household bugs are harmful, and some can even be beneficial.

Level-2 home charging unit for electric vehicle
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Does It Cost to Install an Electric Car Charger?

Switching to an electric vehicle could save you on fuel costs. Knowing how much an electric car charger costs can help you decide whether an electric vehicle is affordable.

A male and female couple attempt to move a couch in their home and as the male on the left seems confident the female on the right looks to be struggling, moving heavy furniture, moving furniture, furniture, moving, male and female couple, couple, male and female, couch, couch cushions, cream-colored couch, hardwood floors, hardwood, residential space, house, home, apartment, lifting, lifting heavy objects
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

4 Tips for Carrying and Rearranging Heavy Furniture

Whether you’re in the process of moving to a new home, or simply rearranging your current living space, moving heavy furniture can be a daunting task.  Here are some pro furniture-moving tips.

A man smiles as he holds a string of floss up to his teeth with both hands against a white background, man, man flossing, flossing, male, male flossing, dental floss, dental hygiene, oral, oral hygiene, white teeth, teeth, tooth, white background, white T-shirt, smiling, smile, oral health, dental health, tooth care
Hannah Stephens

Do I Really Need to Floss?

So, what does flossing do, and do you really need to do it? Here’s how often you need to clean between your teeth.

A dentist wearing blue rubber gloves uses a medical instrument to apply a fluoride treatment to the teeth of a female patient who is seated in the dentist chair with her head reclined and mouth open and wearing protective eyewear, dentist, doctor, blue rubber gloves, rubber gloves, gloves, medical instrument, fluoride, fluoride treatment, medical procedure, dental procedure, dental health, oral health, dental, oral, dentist office, protective eyewear, protective goggles, protective glasses, glasses, goggles, eyewear, woman, female, female patient, female dental patient
Shelley Frost

What Is a Fluoride Treatment, And Do I Need One?

Regular dental checkups are essential for keeping your teeth and gums as healthy as possible, but knowing which dental services are necessary can be tricky. Here's what to know when your dentist offers you fluoride treatments.

An extreme closeup of the lower face of what appears to be a woman with her mouth open and tongue sticking out uses a tongue scraper oral hygiene instrument, tongue scraper, tongue, human tongue, oral hygiene, dental hygiene, dental, oral, medical, hygiene, woman, pink tongue, scraper, dental instrument
Lee Soren

Do I Need to Scrape my Tongue?

You can keep your tongue clean and fresh through a process known as tongue scraping. Here’s why you may want to incorporate this lesser-known aspect of dental hygiene into your daily routine.

A photorealistic graphic shows the lower jaw of a human with the gums and teeth visible and a demonstrating how a dental implant is screwed into the jaw bone and a tooth attached on top of the anchor, dental implants, dental, implants, medical procedure, dental procedure, dental surgery, oral surgery, surgery, oral, dental, dentist, oral surgeon, dental surgeon, lower jaw, human mouth, graphic, teeth, tooth, jaw, white teeth, gums, pink gums, screw, anchor, fake tooth, cosmetic tooth, cosmetic surgery, cosmetic procedure, cosmetic, medical
Shelley Frost

Are Dental Implants a Catch-All Solution for Tooth Loss?

Dental implants offer a tooth replacement option if you're dealing with tooth loss — but they’re not right for everyone. Here’s what to know before making a cosmetic dental appointment.


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