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A flea is shown against a white background, flea, fleas, infestation, infested, bug, bugs, insect, insects, exterminator, white background
Home Improvement
Bridget Coila

How to Know If Your Home Has Fleas

Got fleas? Fortunately, you can get rid of fleas and prevent future infestations to make life more comfortable for everyone.

A male business professional in a white shirt and black tie holds his finger over his lips in a secretive gesture as he stands against a white background, white background, male professional, professional, male, white shirt, black tie, eyeglasses, shh, be quiet, secretive, secretive gesture, finger over lips, finger, looking into camera
Sarah Stasik

What's a Confidentiality Agreement?

Many situations exist that involve confidential information or data someone desires to keep private. A confidentiality agreement is an important tool in making those expectations enforceable.

A human hand is shown in closeup using a white spray bottle to spray a liquid substance onto an outdoor brown wood plank patio with grass visible in the corner of the frame, spray bottle, bottle, spray, white spray bottle, deck, patio, wood, planks, wood plank, human hand, spraying, grass, yard, backyard
Home Improvement
Elizabeth Michael

Can You Use Essential Oils for Pest Control?

Sometimes traditional anti-pest methods just don't cut it. Here's what to know about using essential oils to keep pests at bay.

Four twentysomething roommates laugh together while sitting on a couch in the living room of an apartment with moving boxes stacked up in the foreground, men, women, twenty-somethings, roommates, roomies, cohabitating, moving, moving day, moving boxes, boxes, living room, apartment, renters, rental unit, carpet, couch, natural light, laughing
Rowan Guthrie

How Renters Insurance Works If You Have Roommates

Renting a place with roommates can be a great way to save money and meet new people. But when something goes wrong, such as damage or theft, it can get complicated in your shared space.

House insurance form for homeowners and model of home.
Leigh A. Morgan

7 Factors That Affect Homeowners Insurance Rates

Is your homeowners insurance premium increasing yet again? It's enough to drive anyone crazy. To keep your costs as low as possible, make sure you understand the factors that affect your home insurance rates.

Rental agreement contract on the deck
Gwen Case

Can My Landlord Refuse to Return a Security Deposit?

Unlike other costs, you may be expecting to get your security deposit funds back when you move out. So what happens if your landlord refuses to return your deposit?

A closeup photo shows a dentist hands holding a purple light mounted on a bent instrument against the teeth in the open mouth of a male patient as the dentist ostensibly is using dental bonding to repair a tooth, dental bonding, bonding, dental, dentist, dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, instrument, dental instrument, patient, male patient, dentistry, medical, dental care, medical care, health care, healthcare
Hannah Stephens

What Is Dental Bonding and How Much Does It Cost?

Cosmetic dental bonding is relatively noninvasive and can give stellar results — but it's not the right option for everyone. Is it worth the investment for you? Here's what to know.

A water pressure regulator device with a gauge is shown against a blue background, water pressure regulator, regulator, gauge, blue background, blue, water pressure, water, pressure, plumbing, plumber
Home Improvement
Rowan Guthrie

What Is a Water Pressure Regulator and What Does It Do?

In this guide, we demystify the water pressure regulator's whereabouts and unravel the secrets behind its appearance, functionality and maintenance.


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