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A honeybee sits on a lavender flower collecting nectar in this extreme closeup photo with a blurred background, honeybee, bee, bees, honeybees, insect, insects, bug, bugs, pest, pests, pest control, exterminator, flower, flowers, floral, nectar, blurred background, flying insect, lavender, lavender flower, closeup photo, closeup, honey, wildlife, flora, nature, natural world
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Selina Kyle

What Flowers Attract Honeybees?

Planting flowers for bees provides them with food and ensures that pollination occurs. By understanding what flowers attract bees, you can create a vibrant garden that benefits the insects and your own ecosystem.

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Lee Soren

4 Types of Pool Alarms for Safer Summer Swimming

An untended pool can also pose a danger to curious toddlers and wandering pets. When it comes to pool safety, a pool alarm can give you peace of mind.

hvac beauty shot
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Team eLocal

HVAC Upkeep Costs: Everything You Need to Know

Regular furnace and AC tune-ups can save you time, money and frustration in the long run and keep your home safe and comfortable.

A full complement of swimming pool chemicals and related implements sits in the foreground with the blue water of an in ground swimming pool visible in the background as well as greenery, swimming pool chemicals, swimming pool, pool, pool chemicals, chemicals, cleaning chemicals, chlorine, pH balance, blue water, water, trees, greenery, shrubs, swimming, chemical testing kit, pool testing kit
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Shelley Frost

A Homeowner's Guide to Pool-Cleaning Products

It takes a lot of work to keep your pool sparkling and fresh — and a lot of different cleaners. This is your guide to pool-cleaning products.

Professional automatic garage door opener repair service technician man working on a ladder at a home residential location making adjustments and fixing it while installing it.
Home Improvement
Shelley Frost

How to Secure Your Garage

Learn how to secure a garage door to protect what's inside your garage and keep intruders from continuing into your home.

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Team eLocal

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

An efficient way to cool and heat homes in moderate and mild climates is by using heat pumps. Here's what to know about installation costs.

Man in hard hat and protective gloves checking wal outlet with tester closeup
Home Improvement
Hannah Stephens

How Much Does an Electrical Inspection Cost?

Scheduling an electrical inspection as part of your annual home maintenance checklist can help keep your system in perfect working order.

Unhappy American couple managing home accounts in kitchen, trying to save some money by cutting family expenses. Finances, bankruptcy, taxes, money, accounting and financial problems concept
Kaia Koglin

Your Rights When It Comes to Debt Collection

There are laws that regulate what debt collectors can do when interacting with you. Understanding your debt collection rights can help you take control of the process — and protect yourself from harassment and deceptive practices.


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