What's the Difference Between a Quote and an Estimate?

If confusing jargon makes it hard to budget for your home improvement project, you're not alone. Many people use the terms “estimate” and “quote” interchangeably, but there are crucial differences between the two.

How to Clean Stainless Steel Appliances

The kitchen is one of the busiest spots in the house, so it’s no wonder that your stainless appliances can accumulate fingerprints, grease and food splatters quickly. This guide will help you keep them clean.

Here's How Much It Costs to Install a Dryer

Replacing an outdated dryer with a new one can significantly cut your drying time and your utility bills. Here's how much it costs to install one.

Get Your Ducts In a Row: Do You Need to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Is cleaning your air ducts really necessary, and what could happen if you don't do it? We clear the air.

What Is Critical Illness Coverage?

The last thing you want to worry about when facing a serious illness is how you'll pay for your medical expenses. Critical illness insurance can give you peace of mind in some medical emergencies.


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