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What Is a Common-Law Marriage?

A male and female couple embrace as the woman holds out a key in front of her with boxes in the background waiting to be unpacked in their new residence, male, female, male and female, male and female couple, key, house keys, new home, home, house, boxes, unpacking, moving in
While a legal marriage comes with certain benefits, some people opt for a common-law marriage. Find out what a common-law marriage is, and which states recognize these unions.

Get Snakes to Slither on Out of Your Home With These Tips

Removing snakes is often something you should leave to a professional — especially if there’s a chance these snakes could be venomous. However, some smaller infestations can be treated by the homeowner.

In Insurance Terms, What Is an Act of God?

Understanding what typical homeowners policies cover is essential to finding coverage that meets your needs. This guide explains what insurers mean by an act of God and what to look for in your policy.

What Causes Rattling Pipes?

It’s true that rattling pipes can be rather unnerving, but the good news is that rattling doesn’t usually indicate a major problem. Here's everything you need to know.

What's a Postnuptial Agreement?

A postnuptial agreement gives married couples the option to protect their assets — even after they walk down the aisle. Learn how a postnuptial agreement works to decide if it could be right for your relationship.


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