How Much Does It Cost to Get a Prenup?

Agreeing on how to divide your assets by creating a prenuptial agreement can help protect your financial interests if things don't go according to plan. Hiring a prenup lawyer isn't cheap, but it could potentially save you a lot of money if you get divorced.


Creating a will is an essential part of estate planning. Fortunately, there are several options for making a will that can allow you to plan your estate on any budget.

Roofers work atop the roof of a villa installing concrete Spanish tiles against a cloudy sky with a palm tree in the background

Replacing the roof on your house is a major project and can take days or weeks, depending on several factors. Here's what you can expect for your project.

HomeServe Managing Editor Matt Schmitz stands in a Kitchn underneath a ceiling fan

Changing the direction of your ceiling fan as the seasons change helps keep your home more comfortable while conserving energy and saving money on your utility bills. And doing so is as easy … as it is breezy. Watch this video to learn how.

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