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4 Alternatives to COBRA Insurance

An insurance form shows check boxes for health coverage and the one for COBRA is highlighted, COBRA, health insurance, health, insurance, health coverage, health, coverage, medical insurance, medical, healthcare, insurance form, form, medical form
Going without health insurance isn't a viable option for many, but COBRA premiums can be high. Learn about your other options for coverage.

How Much Does Vision Insurance Cost?

People with vision issues can benefit from having vision coverage if it's an affordable plan. Here's a breakdown of the cost factors.

What Is Condo Insurance and What Does It Cover?

The type of home you own affects which kind of insurance you need. Condo insurance is designed specially for condo owners. Here's what it covers.

What Is Medicare Part C?

Understanding what each type of Medicare coverage is and how it works can help you get the protection you need to pay for your medical expenses. Here's a primer about Part C.

What Is Mortgage Insurance?

In some situations, your lender may require mortgage insurance. Find out more about what mortgage insurance is and how it works.


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