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Shelley Frost

4 HVAC Maintenance Tasks You Might Be Missing

You should have professional AC and furnace maintenance at least once per year, but there may be several tasks you’ve neglected on your HVAC maintenance to-do list — and that could spell trouble for your systems.

exterior view of furnace filter slot
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John Warbuck

Furnace Trouble? Shoot! Well, Here's How to Troubleshoot Your Furnace

Before hiring someone to perform a furnace repair, you should evaluate whether the problem is something you can fix on your own. Use this guide to help you troubleshoot your furnace.

water from a showerhead
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Michael Franco

What Is a Shower Cartridge?

Shower valve cartridges are essential components of your bathroom's plumbing. These small but crucial parts play a significant role in regulating water flow and temperature in your shower.

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Michael Franco

How to Secure a Sliding Glass Door

Ensuring the safety and security of your home is paramount, and one crucial aspect of this is protecting your sliding glass door. Here's how.

Overloaded Electrical outlet with no room for more plugs, overloaded electrical outlet, electrical outlet, outlet, electrical, electric, electricity, overloaded, outlet, plugged in, plug, plugged, plug in, hand, human hand, danger, safety, wall outlet, tile
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Shelley Frost

6 Common Electrical Mistakes to Avoid As a Homeowner

Mistakes with electricity and wiring can have serious consequences. Learn the top electrical mistakes even you might be making.

handyman installing glass shower doors
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Team eLocal

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Shower?

This article explains how much shower installation costs on average. It also describes what factors affect the cost of shower installation.

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Team eLocal

How Much Does a Heat Pump Cost?

Heat pumps can be an efficient option for homes in mild climates. As you make your decision, it's important to understand how much a heat pump costs.

woman loading dirty clothes in washing machine for washing in utility room
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Michael Franco

Why Isn’t My Washer Cleaning My Clothes?

Washer not ... washing? Here are some common reasons why your washer may not be getting your clothes clean and practical solutions to address these issues.


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