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A white Apple computer charger is loosely plugged into a wall socket with a gray hardwood floor and a metal cocktail cart in the background, electrical cord, computer charger, Apple, Macintosh, charger, electric, wall socket, wall outlet, plug, plug in, plugged in, electrical outlet
Home Improvement
Michael Franco

Why Doesn't This Plug Fit Into my Outlet?

Encountering a plug that won't fit into an outlet can be a minor inconvenience or a major safety concern. Here's everything you need to know.

ceiling lights, track lighting, installed ceiling lights in living room, living room, lights, black ceiling lights, concrete ceiling, exposed concrete ceiling exposed concrete, condo, bookshelves, plants, green plants, books, gray ceiling, gray walls
Home Improvement
Leigh Morgan

5 Common Electrical Problems Homeowners Should Know About

Electrical systems have come a long way since the 1800s, but that doesn't mean they're infallible. Learn more about the five most common electrical problems and how to respond to each one if it happens in your home.

Quality light. Construction workers installing new window in house
Home Improvement
Andrea Burton

7 Eco-Friendly Home Upgrades and How They Affect Property Value

Sure, you’re concerned about your carbon footprint, but you still have bills to pay and a budget to keep. Before investing in eco-friendly home upgrades, see how much green going green can save you.

An old style clawfoot bathtub in a well lit tiled bathroom is overflowing with water and the water is spilling over onto the floor and flooding the floor of the room, clawfoot bathtub, clawfoot, bathtub, bath, tub, bathroom, restroom, overflow, overflowing, flood, flooding, flooded, natural light, window, well-lit, tile
Gwen Case

If Someone Else in the Building Causes Damage to My Apartment, Who's Responsible?

If a neighbor causes damage to your apartment, you could be facing significant expenses for something that isn't your fault. However, in some cases, you may be able to make the neighbor cover the cost of repairs.

A closeup of an open filing cabinet drawer full of file folders with one labeled for insurance and one labeled for fraud and another labeled for claims and another labeled as under investigation, file folders, folders, labeled file folders, filing cabinet, cabinet, insurance, insurance fraud, under investigation, investigation, fraud, insurance claims, claims, crime, financial crime, paperwork, documents
Leigh Morgan

3 Insurance Fraud Offenses You Might Think Are No Big Deal

Although insurance is helpful, it also comes with a lot of rules and restrictions. Before you file a claim, learn more about some of the actions that constitute insurance fraud.

A dog bites the hand of a human wearing a long-sleeve shirt, dog bite, biting dog, dog biting, vicious dog, aggressive dog, aggressive, aggression, biting, injury, personal injury, animal attack, attacking animal, animal, attack, attacking, human arm, human hand, biting hand, hand
Gwen Case

If a Dog Bites Someone, Is It Put Down?

You may wonder if your dog will be put down if it bites someone. Understanding dog bite laws in your area can help you ensure that your dog and others remain safe.

Prosecutor or lawyer comforts a client who is worried about a fraudulent business in the context of legal and justice litigation assistance or legal consultant or scales of justice or law hammer or litigation and justice, lawyer comforts client, lawyer comforts, lawyer, attorney, attorney at law, law, legal, scales of justice, client, legal client, law office, desk, lawyer's desk, suit and tie, shirt and tie, business attire, upset, sad, distressed
Leigh Morgan

What Are the Consequences If You're Found Guilty of Fraud?

Although corporate fraud gets a lot of attention, fraud also occurs at the individual level. Learn more about what can happen if you're convicted of a fraud offense.

Man Collecting Water In Bucket From Ceiling. Ceiling panels damaged huge hole in roof from rainwater leakage.Water damaged ceiling .
Gwen Case

The Condo Above Mine Flooded. Whose Insurance Is Responsible?

Who's responsible for water damage in a condo — specifically when the water comes from an upstairs neighbor?


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