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What's the Difference Between Trademark and Copyright?

A human finger points to a glowing laptop computer screen displaying a government website defining the differences between copyright and patent and trademark, trademark, copyright, patent, website, computer, laptop
There are important differences between trademark and copyright laws, and understanding these differences can help protect your legal rights.

What Is Copyright?

Copyright law protects original works and assigns the copyright holder various rights related to the work. If you create qualifying works, understanding copyright law can help you protect those creations.

What Does It Mean to Settle Out of Court?

Out-of-court settlements offer an alternative to a lengthy trial. Understanding how they work can help you in certain legal situations.

How Much Does It Cost to File a Patent?

How much does a patent cost?   You’ll be responsible for paying several fees throughout the process. Here’s a look at what obtaining a patent will do to your pocketbook.

What's a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

NDAs are common legal documents that are often used as part of business transactions, but it's always important to understand what you're signing.



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