Can One Bad Outlet Affect Others?

Can one dead outlet impact the rest? The short answer here is yes, but it’s not very common. That said, there are several different reasons why this can happen.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Toilet?

Need a new toilet but worried about the price tag? This guide explains how much toilet installation costs, including labor fees.

New COVID-19 Breathalyzer a Potential New Way to Self-Test for Viruses

An at-home device that can detect viral particles in the breath in seconds has been named a CES 2023 Innovation Awards Honoree. Here's how it works.

Let Off the Gas: What’s Up With This Potential Ban on Gas Stoves?

Natural gas-powered stoves are relatively ubiquitous. They sit in some 40 million U.S> homes, and they’re a significant source of household air pollution. But in contrast to some recent headlines, they're not about to be banned.

How to Clean a Residential Grease Trap

While grease traps are used primarily in commercial kitchens, a residential grease trap can be a useful addition to your home. Here's how to keep it clean.


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