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A stainless steel teapot sits atop one of the burners of a gas powered stove with a blue flame underneath, stainless steel teapot, stainless steel, teapot, tea kettle, pot, kettle, burner, stove burner, gas stove burner, blue flame, flame, blue, stove grate, grate, burner grate, kitchen, kitchen appliance, range, oven range, stovetop
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Hannah Stephens

How to Light a Gas Stove or Oven

Gas ovens or stoves can give you more control over your cooking by allowing you to adjust the temperature more precisely. However, using a gas appliance can initially seem confusing, especially if you're used to more straightforward electric models.

brown hunter ceiling fan mounted to ceiling
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Hannah Stephens

How Much Does a Ceiling Fan Cost to Install?

Ceiling fans can be expensive if you choose a premium model, but there are also plenty of options for families on tight budgets. Here's what to know.

A closeup of a human face with the lips open displaying white teeth with metallic orthodontic braces attached, teeth, mouth, lips, person, human, human mouth, human teeth, braces, orthodontist, orthodontic, orthodontic braces, dental, dentist, white teeth, face, human face, closeup, extreme closeup
Tracey Rosenblath

What Is the Right Age to Start Orthodontic Treatment?

When you think about orthodontics, you probably picture brace-faced tweens and teens. So what's the right age to begin orthodontic treatment such as braces?

A closeup image of a popcorn ceiling shows the detailed texture of this antiquated style, popcorn ceiling, popcorn, ceiling, residential, house, home
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Hannah Stephens

How Much Does It Cost to Remove a Popcorn Ceiling?

Popcorn ceilings aren't just unsightly — they can attract dirt and dust and may even contain carcinogenic asbestos fibers.  Here's how much you'll pay to remove them.

worker installing mosquito net wire screen on house window
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Kaia Koglin

Are Energy-Efficient Windows Worth It?

Whether energy-efficient windows are worth it depends on the current state of your windows, the size of your house and your average energy use. Energy-efficient windows can lower your energy bills, increase the value of your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

A human hand replaces the 9-volt battery in a home smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector, human hand, hand, human, battery, 9-volt battery, Duracell battery, Duracell, battery, changing battery, replacing battery, replacing, safety, home safety, fire safety, smoke alarm, smoke detector, fire alarm, fire protection, carbon monoxide, carbon monoxide detector, wall, interior wall, gray wall
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Hannah Stephens

Everything to Know About Smart Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors have built-in internet connectivity, allowing you to monitor and control your smoke alarm via a smartphone app.

Critical case for an HVAC system repair. Technician notes: No error codes upon arrival. High voltage connections melted and short cycling furnace, repaired. Ohmed lmiits, 3 out of 4 had low resistence. Furnace control board sending 9.5 volts to gas valve, tather than 27. Inducer motor pulling over FLA (1.75/1.4). However, based on today's findings and usage of R-22 components, recommend upgrade. New Trane 3.5 ton horizontal gas furnace. 10 year parts 1 year labor warranties, 1 year preventative maintenance. All code upgrades, new t-stat, and metal plenums. R410A conversion. $0 down 0% interest up to 18 months. pricing is before HomeServe benefits. 16 Seer - $11,867.80. Needs furnace control board and limirs pictured on Dispatch.
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Shelley Frost

What Does 'HVAC' Mean?

Whether you're a homeowner or renter, knowing about your HVAC system is crucial for keeping your family comfortable and safe. Here's a crash course in heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

window ac unit
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Hannah Stephens

What's the Difference Between a Window Unit and a Portable Air Conditioner?

If you're looking for a low-cost cooling solution that doesn't require ductwork, portable air conditioners and window ACs could be worth considering. Let's settle the portable AC-vs.-window-AC debate, so you can choose the right option for your home and wallet.


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