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Male technician repairing industrial air conditioner indoors
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Get Your Ducts In a Row: Do You Need to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Is cleaning your air ducts really necessary, and what could happen if you don't do it? We clear the air.

Healthcare and medical concept, Stethoscope on prescription clipboard record information paper with internet laptop computer at Doctor working  on busy desk hospital office, top view selective focus
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What Is Critical Illness Coverage?

The last thing you want to worry about when facing a serious illness is how you'll pay for your medical expenses. Critical illness insurance can give you peace of mind in some medical emergencies.

Lawyer working with documents. Justice and law, attorney, concept. Man signing contract papers
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What Is a Deposition?

Before civil cases make it to court, attorneys perform depositions to get witness statements. Here's what you should know about this legal process.

Court of Law Trial in Session: Portrait of Charismatic Male Public Defender Making Touching, Passionate Speech to Judge and Jury. Attorney Lawyer Protecting Client, Cross Examining Witnesses
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Can You Represent Yourself In Court?

Lawyers can be expensive, and you may wonder if they're worth the cost. But can you really represent yourself in court?

Female dentist show how to young patient properly brush teeth on jaw model
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What Is a Pediatric Dentist?

Good oral hygiene at an early age can help your child maintain healthy teeth and gums for the rest of their life. Pediatric dentists exist to provide dental care for children.

Myopia Concept. Elderly woman squinting while looking at smartphone screen, trying to read message, closeup
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Read the Fine Print: What Does Vision Insurance Cover?

It's a good idea for everyone to see the eye doctor occasionally. Using insurance for the visit can help you save money, especially if you need glasses or contacts.

A man wearing a black T-shirt and black rubber gloves changes the filter in a residential HVAC unit in the basement of a house, man, male, Matt Schmitz, arm, extended arm, HVAC filter, HVAC, filter, climate control, heating ventilation and air conditioning, basement floor, basement, concrete floor, black gloves, black rubber gloves, black T-shirt, appliance, maintenance, routine maintenance
Home Improvement
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Home Maintenance Tasks You Should Do For Spring

Is your house ready for rainy springtime weather and summer heat? Tick off the items on this home maintenance checklist to make sure.

A side by side comparison of a clean HVAC furnace filter and a dirty filter
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Do You Need to Have Your Furnace Cleaned?

Maintaining your furnace correctly ensures your home remains cozy during cold weather, and it's also essential for keeping your household safe and healthy.


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