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Happy Young Couple Moving Into New Apartment, Carrying Cardboard Boxes with Stuff and Poses on Camera. Young Boyfriend and Girlfriend Start Living Together, Unpacking Stuff.
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How Much Does It Cost to Move?

Every move is different, so how much you’ll pay depends on facts like how big your house is and how far you’re moving your stuff. Here, we’ve broken down all the costs you should know about.

Hands of business people or lawyers analyzing documents on table
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So You’ve Been Contacted About a Class-Action Lawsuit. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Being part of a class-action lawsuit is often the best way to access compensation after suffering an injury or financial loss, but it's not the right option for everyone.

Middle age partner lawyers attorneys shaking hands after discussing a contract agreement done, Asian people.
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Will a Lawyer Take My Case? (5 Reasons Why Not)

An attorney isn’t obligated to take your case, and there are several reasons they might turn you down. Here’s a little insight into why a lawyer may refuse to take your case. 

rain shower head
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Why Is My Showerhead Leaking When the Water Is Off?

A never-ending drip from your shower is annoying and can be a big waste of water. Luckily, there are some common reasons for a showerhead leaking — and many of them are easy to fix.

Two adult males sit on a couch together smiling as they look at a photo on a smartphone held by one of the two men, domestic partnership, domestic, partnership, lovers, love, relationship, married, marriage, couple, same-sex couple, same-sex, gay, gay couple, LGBTQ, looking at smartphone, looking at photo, photo, couch, sitting together, sitting, smiling, happy, happiness, in love, togetherness, together
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What Is a Domestic Partnership?

A domestic partnership could be worth considering if you're in a long-term relationship and want to enjoy some of the benefits of a legal marriage. 

deadbolt door lock and handle
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What's a Mortise Lock and How Do You Use One?

Have you ever experienced that heart-stopping moment when you take out the trash, only to find your front door has blown shut behind you? With a mortise lock, this is far less likely to happen.

dentist equipment ready for next appointment
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Why Doesn't Health Insurance Cover Vision and Dental?

Dental and vision insurance are not automatically included in health care plans, but this type of care is essential for a healthy body.

A closeup of an outdoor faucet also known as a hose Bibb is shown with the hexagonal shaped handle and chrome Bibb extending from white house siding, white siding, siding, hexagon, hexagonal, faucet, outdoor faucet, outdoor, outside, chrome, metallic, hose bibb, bibb, hose
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How to Drain a Hose Bibb for Winter

Learn how to drain a hose bibb for winter to prevent major plumbing issues inside your home. It's a quick and easy project that most homeowners can — and should — handle.


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