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Stay Safe While Shoveling Snow: 8 Tips for Homeowners

shoveled driveway
Shoveling snow causes thousands of injuries and up to 100 deaths per year. Here's how to stay safe while doing this dreaded winter chore.

How Much Green Does It Cost to Install Sod?

If you're ready to give your lawn a makeover in time for the warmer months, understanding what factors affect sod installation costs can help you choose options to suit your budget. 

Spring Lawn Maintenance: 7 Tasks For Your To-Do List

Spring is an important season for the health and growth of your lawn. Learn what essential tasks you need to do before you regret not doing them later.

Here's How to Winterize Your Lawnmower and Other Lawn Tools

It's important to winterize your lawnmower and other yard power tools like chainsaws and blowers to keep them in good condition. Here's a guide for winterizing all types of yard power tools.

How to Replace a Lawn Sprinkler Head

Need to get your sprinkler system back in good working order? Follow these steps to fix those faulty sprinkler heads once and for all.


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