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Let Off the Gas: What’s Up With This Potential Ban on Gas Stoves?

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Natural gas-powered stoves are relatively ubiquitous. They sit in some 40 million U.S> homes, and they’re a significant source of household air pollution. But in contrast to some recent headlines, they're not about to be banned.

Everything You Need to Know About Dishwasher Installation Costs

A dishwasher can make life significantly easier. This is what you need to know about installation costs.

Here's How Much It Costs to Install a Dryer

Replacing an outdated dryer with a new one can significantly cut your drying time and your utility bills. Here's how much it costs to install one.

TV Terminology 101: Buying Your First TV in a While? Here's What You Need to Know

In the market for a new TV? Here’s a quick course on modern TV terminology to help you score a great screen, while saving you time (and money) in the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Washing Machine?

Explore the costs of washing machine installation, including the factors that might affect the pricing.


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