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electrical circuit panel with switches
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John Warbuck

Why Does My Circuit Breaker Keep Tripping?

If you're having a lot of issues with your circuit breaker, you may need to call a professional to determine the best course of action. Before you pick up the phone, here are a few things you can do to handle the problem on your own.

A sideview image shows the profile of both above ground and underground with a green septic tank below the surface of a lawn buried beneath the dirt and grass while the front of a white house with lights on in the windows sits atop it, septic tank, septic sewer, septic, tank, sewer, septic sewer system, sewer system, septic system, plumbing, plumber, dirt, underground, earth, grass, lawn yard, green grass, green lawn, white house, house, home, household, tree, green leaves, lights on, windows
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John Warbuck

How Your Home's Septic System Works

If your home uses a septic tank, not knowing how to care for it properly can be costly. Here’s what homeowners need to know about their septic systems.

smart front door and keypad lock
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Lee Soren

Are Keyless Entry Systems Safe?

Before you call a locksmith to install a high-tech keyless lock, it’s helpful to understand how its security profile compares to a traditional lock. Here’s what you should know.

The grate for the HVAC return has been removed from the floor return and sits on the tile floor behind the open air duct beneath the flooring, air duct, duct, AC, air conditioning, heating, HVAC, heating ventilation and air conditioning, tile floor, tile, floor, AC return
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Hannah Stephens

How Often Do You Need to Have Your Air Ducts Cleaned?

Professional duct cleaning can be pricey, so it's worth understanding the potential benefits before shelling out. Here's how often you need to clean your ducts.

person installing security camera with hand drill
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Rowan Guthrie

10 Tips for Creating a Home Security Plan

Everyone’s home is their castle, but even castles aren’t always as secure as they appear. That’s why developing a home security plan makes sense, and it isn’t difficult if you know the right questions to ask.

A closeup photo of the gloved hands of an electrician hold an electrical conduit with the left hand and several multicolored wires in the right hand against the backdrop of a gray wall with more conduits affixed to it, conduit, conduits, wiring, ground wire, wires, wire, electrician, electrical, electric, power, repair pro, technician, electrical technician, electric tech, gloves, gloved hands, hands
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Elizabeth Marcant

What Does 'Grounding' Mean?

This article covers some basics of home electricity and provides a definition of electrical grounding. It also discusses the purpose of electrical grounding wires in your home and why they exist.

Brian Blunier horizontal electrician technician repairing electronic man male adult white Caucasian 30 30s 40 40s thirties forties forty thirty job career occupation profession employment blue collar labor laborer work working electrical electricity engineer wire wiring tool equipment meter service servicing circuit volt voltage breaker power watt wattage amp amperage current measuring galvanometer tech repairman board safety hardhat hat lifestyle VStock
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Hannah Stephens

Do You Need an Electrical Inspection?

Electrical issues are a leading cause of house fires. Scheduling an electrical inspection can help diagnose and fix problems before they cause a fire.

A honeybee sits on a lavender flower collecting nectar in this extreme closeup photo with a blurred background, honeybee, bee, bees, honeybees, insect, insects, bug, bugs, pest, pests, pest control, exterminator, flower, flowers, floral, nectar, blurred background, flying insect, lavender, lavender flower, closeup photo, closeup, honey, wildlife, flora, nature, natural world
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Selina Kyle

What Flowers Attract Honeybees?

Planting flowers for bees provides them with food and ensures that pollination occurs. By understanding what flowers attract bees, you can create a vibrant garden that benefits the insects and your own ecosystem.


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