What to Do If a Key Breaks Off in the Lock — 5 Things to Try

It's a situation out of your nightmares: You turn the key in your door lock, only for it to snap off in your hand. Try one of these methods to free a key that's broken in a lock.

Can a Smart Lock Be Hacked?

Because smart locks are connected to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, many people worry about the risk of hacking — which would actually make your home less secure. Here’s what you need to know.

10 Ways to Prevent Termites

Knowing how to prevent termites is an essential part of home care. An infestation can be very damaging, but with some care, you can keep your home free from termites and leave them outside to do what they do best.

What's a Storm Drain?

If sudden downpours always send you into a panic, installing a storm drain may help ease your stress by protecting your landscaping.

What Is Expungement?

The legal system is often complex and full of words that most people don't use in everyday conversations. Expungement relates to a criminal record and how past convictions appear.


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