While you may use your gas range every day, it can be unnerving to see unexpected activity with something that’s giving off an open flame. While most odd events around gas burners are normal and have easy fixes, some of them can be indicative of more serious problems. Knowing the difference between a common problem and a serious one is key.

Why Is My Burner Not Turning On?

There are a few reasons your burner may not be lighting. First, check for debris at the base of the burner. Often food can get trapped at the base and become burnt at the base. Make sure the burner is off when you do this and remove debris to open up the airflow to the gas igniter. If the base is clear, look next for a loose connection. Unplug the appliance before taking a look for any loose wires or components. A third option is that your igniter is faulty. The best way to check this is to turn off the lights in the room and turn the ignition knobs–if the sparks are yellow or orange instead of blue, you’ve got a faulty igniter.

Why is My Burner Lopsided?

Sometimes, you might notice the flame from your burner is lopsided or completely out on one side. Luckily, the fix for this is incredibly easy. Over 90% of lopsided burner flames happen from a crooked burner cap which blocks the flame. The fix here is to simply turn the burner off, wait until it is cool, and adjust the cap until it sits evenly over the burner.

Why is My Burner Clicking?

While your burner will click as it is lighting, it should stop as soon as you move the knob away from the ignition position. If you still hear clicking after the burner is on, it’s usually a sign that the burner cap is out of alignment, much like a lopsided flame. To fix this do the same thing: turn off the burner, let it cool, and adjust the cap to sit evenly on the burner

Why is My Burner Giving Off a Gas Smell

Some gas odor is normal for a gas range, however, there are certain situations where it is worrisome. The biggest warning sign is the smell of unburned gas, which is the telltale rotten egg smell. Your burners should not be giving off a prolonged odor of unburned gas. If you do smell this, even after the burners are all off, put out all candles and call your gas provider immediately.

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