where to install smoke detectorsSmoke detectors are needed to alert you of the impending danger of fire.

However, if they are not placed in the right areas, they are useless.

Local housing electrical codes vary from community to community, so it’s important that you check the housing code to see the exact locations in your home that require a smoke detector.

Here are some basics to keep in mind:
A smoke detector should be on every level of your home, including the basement. You need to install smoke detectors in every room where someone is sleeping.

Smoke detectors must be placed four to twelve inches from the ceiling for a wall mount. A ceiling mounted smoke detector should be four inches from the closest wall.

In rooms that have a pitch to the ceiling, mount the smoke detector at the highest point. In the basement, you should have a smoke detector on the ceiling or wall near dryers, washers and furnaces, and one at the top of the stairs.

Remember to keep smoke detectors away from air vents when installing.

Even if the units are hard wired, you still need a battery backup. In the case of a fire and loss of power, you need the detectors to sound. If the units are battery operated, test the battery regularly and keep fresh batteries in the smoke detectors. Keep the smoke detectors free of dust and dirt by cleaning the outside and inside.

By properly installing smoke detectors in your home, you ensure your family’s safety.

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