copyrightEveryone has a website these days.

As the Internet continues to grow in popularity and homes across the world go online, a website is where a company can showcase their products and services, and a private individual can showcase themselves.

Countless hours, energy, and creativity are put into designing websites.

If a website has been professionally designed, a financial investment has been made.

When it comes to website content and design, the issue of copyright is pertinent.

Not only is the design of the website under copyright, but the content of the website as well. Any articles, documents, texts, or files in the website are under copyright, unless they expressly say otherwise.

For example, some documents, or images are in the public domain however, if the web designer used an image in the public domain and made a derivative work from that image, the new image is now under copyright.

It is very easy to simply copy and paste parts of an existing from website. This is considered content theft and a violation of copyright law, even though the initial intention was not to infringe on the website owner’s copyrights.

Other actions are not so innocent. There are some unscrupulous people that will literally steal an entire website, including content and graphics. They may even attempt to register a similar domain name.

If you know that some aspect of your website has been stolen, you should contact an Intellectual Property Lawyer immediately. They will review your situation and will advise you of your rights.