sexual harassment in schoolEvery student is entitled to receive an education and is protected by law against sexual harassment while in school.

In today’s school setting, a student may encounter sexual harassment from other students, teachers, or school staff members.

Sexual harassment doesn’t affect women only. Many boys also are sexually harassed.

Same sex sexual harassment is also a prevailing issue that must be dealt with in the school system.

Unwanted love letters, or even the classic “writing in the boy’s locker room are not simply innocent acts of affection or pranks. In today’s school environment, these acts are considered sexual harassment and may be punished by law.

Some other examples of sexual harassment include unwanted touching, flashing, mooning, or exposing, verbal name calling with a sexual undertone, spying on someone while they are taking a shower, using the restroom, or undressing in school, and spreading rumors about someone’s sexual life, gender, or orientation.

When someone is facing sexual harassment in their school, they begin to suffer psychological and emotional distress.

They may have difficulty concentrating on their work and they may become fearful of certain situations, classes, and people.

Unfortunately, many school officials do not take sexual harassment as seriously as they should. They often make the mistake of thinking that children are just simply playing games or teasing and that with a warning the behavior will stop.

This often isn’t’ the case and sexual harassment should never be dismissed lightly. It is a serious crime that may lead to detrimental consequences.

An attorney should always be contacted to handle cases of sexual harassment in the school setting.