Replacing bathroom fixtures is the thing to do if your bathroom needs a little updating, or you are simply tired of fixing the old fixtures.

Replacing the bathtub fixtures can be a simple task for the home DIY guy.

In fact, the only trouble you could have is deciding on the style you prefer.

The first thing you are going to want to do when replacing bathtub fixtures is to turn off the water supplying the bathtub. When removing the old fixtures, you will need to remember to hold onto the piping that connects the fixture. Sometimes pipes can be at an angle, which will move when disconnected from their mounts.

Also remember, when you are replacing bathroom fixtures, the new fixtures should be the right size for the current pipes. It is against the building codes and just not smart, to mix and match pipe sizes.

Be sure to consult your building codes when replacing bathroom fixtures. It is better to know before you start than after the project is done.

Make sure to use a thread sealant when screwing any pipes or showerheads together. This can be anything from Teflon tape, to a liquid sealant. You don’t want to spend all this time making things look nice and then have the new fixtures drip all the time. Constant dripping can lead to mildew and rot problems.

If you are removing pieces of sheet rock, it is better to remove bigger pieces that are uniform to the stud placement. This will make it easy when it’s time to put back the sheetrock. You can attach new sheetrock to a stud which is better than pasting with putty.

Once you have finished your bathtub fixture replacement. Turn the water back on and open the valves to get the air out of the system. Once you run the water check one last time for any leaks in or around the bathtub area.

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