Premise liability law deals with legal cases pertaining to injuries that occur while on the premise or property of a landowner or business.

A landowner or property owner, is responsible for ensuring that all preventive safety measures have been taken to protect the wel lbeing and safety of all who step foot on the premises.

It is important to understand that Premise Liability extends far beyond physical bodily injury.

If your personal property has become damaged due to the negligent actions of a property owner, then you may have grounds for a liability case. Since there are many issues and factors to take into consideration in these cases, it is important to speak with an experienced lawyer.

Every state has various laws regarding Premise Liability claims. There are also statutes of limitations that must be observed. Because there are time frames involved between the injury and filing of the claim, it’s important to contact a lawyer quickly.

Some examples of Premise Liability claims include “slips and falls” that occur in public venues such as shopping malls, sidewalks and public walkways, theaters, grocery stores, hotels, apartment complexes, or even your neighbor’s property.

Premise Liability cases may seem as if they are very simple at first, however this is not often the case. A lawyer must be able to demonstrate that the property or premise owner failed to alert the public to hazards or dangerous conditions that were in place.

If an owner understands that their property is unsafe and fails to warn the public of these issues, they can be held liable and the injured victim is entitled to compensation.