When you have a family of opossums living in your backyard, it poses a serious problem for children and domestic pets. These animals do not like to be disturbed or threatened. They will attack if they are alerted to danger. A professional pest control company that is trained in the proper methods for wild animal removal should remove the opossum from your yard. You cannot poison the opossum because it is illegal and can result in accidental poisoning of other animals or people. Call an experienced and licensed exterminator that specializes in pest control and removal of wild animals.

Live traps are used to safely remove opossums from someone’s yard. This is the safest method for wild animal removal. It does take some time to bait the opossum, but once they are caught and removed to the wild you can then use some type of pest management to keep unwanted guests from coming back. A management plan might require removing things in the yard that attracted the opossum to begin with or using a physical barrier. Exterminators can give you some good advice on clearing debris from your yard as well as how you can effectively keep the opossum from returning.

Prevention is always the best way to keep all unwanted guests from coming into your yard or home. You want to practice prevention before you have a problem. The pest control company can come to your home every spring and inspect your home and yard for anything that will attract wild animals, insects and rodents to your yard. They will also inspect the outside foundation, windows and door frames to see if there is a potential problem anywhere. Early inspections of your home can prevent future pest infestations and save you hundreds of dollars in the future.

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