medical malpractice lawMedical Malpractice law exists to compensate those patients who have been injured due to the negligent actions of a medical practitioner.

Different health care professionals fall under the category of medical practitioners; those in the dental field, neurology, and home health care.

However, there is a difference between failed treatment and medical malpractice.

For example, a health care practitioner may not offer a guarantee that a treatment will be successful.

Therefore if someone has been diagnosed with cancer and undergoes treatment such as chemotherapy, yet their cancer continues, they cannot file a malpractice claim.

Malpractice claims exist to protect the rights of patients who have been harmed due to medical neglect.

Some examples of medical malpractice include birth injuries, wrong or missed diagnosis, injuries that are the result of a hospital error, mistakes or errors in medication, nursing home abuses, and faulty medical products, equipment, machinery, or medication.

Due to the fact that many states have a statute of limitations regarding medical malpractice suits, it is best to schedule an appointment with an attorney as soon as possible and to not delay your evaluation.

Most states begin counting down the statute of limitations from the date the injury first occurred. This is another reason why contacting a medical malpractice attorney right away is of vital importance.