Many men want an area in their home to call their own. A place to relax, watch a game, have a few beers and hang out with friends. Maybe add a pool table, a bar, and a full-screen TV. Or they may want an area where they can work on their hobbies away from the hustle and bustle of the family.

But how do you build a man cave on a budget and still have a room that has everything you want? An average man cave can cost between $6,000 to $10,000 which can be steep for some budgets. But there are some ways to reduce the cost of your man cave. We’ll cover those in this article.

Get a Manly Focal Point

Whether you’re turning an extra room into your man cave, or the basement, garage or an outdoor shed, you’ll want a focal point. One focal point can bring together the theme of the whole room. Maybe you’re a hunting buff and have a deer head packed away. Or, perhaps you collect hubcaps that you find along the road. Polishing these up and hanging them on the wall would make a great display.

Also, if you invest in one item of interest, then you can build your theme around it. Maybe a billiard table with a small DIY bar would make an excellent place for you and your friends to hang out. Or, a poker table, chips, and the famous picture of the poker-playing dogs.

Paint Your Man Cave

One way that is relatively inexpensive to give your man cave an updated look is by painting it. By calming the space to make it your own, you need color. By only using two or three colors, it won’t be overwhelming and keep the focus on what your man cave is all about.

A neutral taupe is a good color for a man cave, and can be complemented with white, black and dark green. You could also choose the color red, but of course make sure you select the correct shade. A warm red is more livable than a bright primary red shade. A neutral green that is strong in color is great to work with wood tones and lots of light. Gray is another alternative and will allow for more accent color options. This color can bridge the gap between a warm color choice and a cool one. Of course, there’s blue, and a muted blue is a good color choice to destress in your man cave.

Buy Used

You can also buy used furniture, decor, games, or equipment, as another option for saving money and sticking to your budget. Checking different sources of used items can be helpful when looking for that perfect piece.

Get Used Man Cave Games

Many different places have used games and activities for sale. You can look online, on eBay, Amazon, at yard sales and garage sales. Sometimes even relatives or friends have something in the game area that they’re trying to get rid of. By buying used, it saves money for more things that you might want to spend on your man cave.

Pool tables

Having the guys over for beer and a game of pool is always fun! Being in your own man cave, you’ll be able to set your own hours and play for as long as the beer holds out — or even longer. Pool tables can be pricey, but there are places where you can buy used if you look around. You can find ideas for where to buy used items below.


A game of darts is always an exciting way to pass the time. Test your skills against your friends and see who comes out on top. Used dart games can be found online or even at a garage sale.

Poker Table

Who doesn’t like to play poker? Make your bets large or small, or keep them friendly. A poker night out with the guys can be a poker night in with the guys in your man cave. You can buy a table, chips, and multiple decks of cards.

Where to Buy Used Man Cave Items

There are many different places you can find used items for your man cave. This can cover furniture, big screen TV and décor. We’ve provided some ideas for you below.        

Letgo (app)

Letgo is an app created to help people easily sell their stuff and buy secondhand, doing it all locally. You can bargain shop on Letgo or sell some things of your own that have been lying around the home. It works like a typical online marketplace, wherein a seller will post an item at a price and then wait for a buyer. Then the seller can sell as is, negotiate over the piece, or offer a return policy.

Once an agreement to the price has been made, then a meeting will be set up at a place agreeable to both people. The item is exchanged for cash. Always remember only to use a money order or cash and meet in a public area for transactions like these. Inspect what you’re buying before handing over your money. This app has strict rules and guidelines and enforces them.


This is an app you can join if you live in the US or Canada. You can either buy, sell, or trade items. For example, products can be used or new like electronics, furniture, and smartphones. Whatever you would sell at a garage sale, you can sell on this site. You join a community and sell your items locally. Varagesale also has a hotline that’s open 24 hours where you can report any suspicious activity or seller. One of the main selling points of Varagesale is that it’s safety first.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are often fun activities you can do on the weekends. At garage sales you can find furniture, carpets, stuff for your walls and any amount of odd and interesting things. Everything is usually pretty affordable, and you can always try to haggle down the price.


eBay is the original online buying and selling marketplace. You likely know what it is and how it works but here’s a refresher. The seller lists an item, which can be anything from cars, to books, to furniture, to small items. There are two ways to buy, through an auction-type listing or with the Buy it Now option. The buy it now option lets you buy the item you want right then, at the fixed price. While you may get it at a lower price with the auction, you might not be the highest bidder.

If you chose the online auction, the opening price is what the seller has listed. The auction will remain on eBay for a number of days. If you want the item, you place a bid, and other people bid on it as well. The highest bidder wins at the end of the auction.


You most likely know about Craigslist as well. It’s a free Classified Website, and anyone can post an ad to buy or sell used or new products. It has various sub-categories inside and is considered an online marketplace. It’s a vast marketplace for both buying and selling things.


This is another local marketplace app, the largest mobile marketplace in the U.S., in fact. You can find items being sold in your neighborhood, message sellers through the app, and sell your own items if you want.

Repurpose What You Already Have

One way to save money and stretch your budget is to repurpose what you already have. For instance, instead of building a new room onto your home, try to figure out how to use the space you already have in your home. You can use cinder blocks to make shelves for books or to hold items. If you have a couple of pallets lying around, you can make a coffee table or even a bar out of them if you’re handy. Just take a walk around your home and see what you have that you can repurpose into something else.

Find a Budget-Friendly Contractor

There are many things you can probably do yourself, but some construction should be done by a professional. Make sure you allow in your budget enough money for a contractor for the parts of your man cave you’ll need help with. You can find a local professional contractor priced reasonably in your town.

Summary & Next Steps

All in all, it isn’t impossible to have an impressive man cave designed on a budget. The most important thing to keep in mind is figuring out your budget in the first place. Then consider location, the purpose of your man cave, and also the items you’ll need. Get a baseline price and buy what you can use or repurpose. If parts of the construction are beyond your capabilities, then contact a local professional contractor.

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