The exterminator’s guarantee is something you need to read very carefully. You should ask questions if you do not understand something that is stated in the guarantee. A guarantee should state that the pest control company will use only approved methods that are set forth by the Pest Control Association. The guarantee should include a time period that the work is guaranteed for. The guarantee must include the cost for yearly pest management.

If you plan for a future addition to your home, make sure the guarantee will cover the new addition in the future. It will be a part of your home and needs to be inspected as well. Pest control does not stop after the initial treatment. This is very important when dealing with professional pest control companies. The exterminator should offer a guarantee. If they do not, choose another pest control company. The guarantee protects you, your home, and any future work.

Exterminators who are insured, licensed and members of the PCA will offer a guarantee to all their customers. If you find that there are statements missing on the guarantee that you feel strongly about, ask the exterminator why it is not written into the guarantee. They should have a logical answer or may add a clause to the guarantee for your peace of mind. The code of ethics that Pest Control Association members follow will include a detailed guarantee that protects the customer and outlines future work and inspections. It is always best to find an exterminator who is a certified member of the PCA if you want to receive safe, quality work.

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