knob and tube wiringAt one time, knob and tube wiring was considered to be the best way to wire your home.

However, knob and tube wiring is now considered outdated and unsafe.

This means that knob and tube wiring is out and Romex (described below) is in.

One of the problems with knob and tube wiring is that over time, wires will deteriorate and fray.

If you would have knob and tube wiring in your home today and your home would be inspected for any home renovation project, it would be necessary to replace the knob and tube wiring.

The knobs are porcelain insulators that suspend the wiring in the air to dissipate the heat. These were used for wiring that ran through the rafters and studs.

Romex is used today and has an insulated coating making it easy to attach to rafters and studs without the need for dissipating the heat.

Knob and tube wiring does not have a ground conductor. The switch for turning off the neutral wire would turn off the circuit but it would not turn off the current.

Knob and tube wiring cannot be placed near insulation. With Romex, you can properly insulate your home according to today’s current standards.

Professional, licensed and insured electricians are trained in every aspect of wiring and will know how to replace the knob and tube wiring correctly.

In an effort to keep your home up to code and to keep your family safe from fire hazards or personal injury, you should always use the services of a professional electrician.

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