The first way to control mosquitoes is to eliminate the breeding grounds. This includes cleaning out gutters blocked by debris, which creates standing, stagnant water. This a breeding ground for mosquitoes. You should also remove standing water from garbage cans and planters which commonly contain standing water. Water used for fountains should be circulated and not left to sit. Pond water that is not circulated should be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent mosquitoes from depositing their eggs on the stagnant water. Old tires that have standing water should be removed from the property as well as anything that holds water.

A pest control company knows that water that sits for more than four days is a prime breeding ground for a mosquito. It is important to eliminate all sources of water to prevent and eliminate the infestation. Using yellow light bulbs outside will also help with mosquitoes. Insects are drawn to white light more so than they are to yellow light. Pest control is not hard to do, but you might not know everything that can be done to prevent it.

Using repellents is another way to control mosquitoes, but you have to follow directions. Pest management is the best way to control mosquitoes. If you have problems with mosquitoes, you need to look for ways to eliminate most of the population. Exterminators will be able to help you with this task. They are knowledgeable about mosquito infestations and can use the right treatments to keep them under control and protect your home from becoming infested.

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