Sponsored Question by Kelly Fallis of Remote Stylist: There is the laid back type, the nervous type, and the hovering type. What type of homeowner are you when working with remodeling professionals?

You might think it doesn’t matter, but your behavior and willingness to cooperate significantly affects the experience you will have when working with a professional, whether it be an interior designer, contractor, or supplier. So what can homeowners do to make a professional’s job easier and ensure a smooth working relationship? We ask our panel of experts.

Why We’re Asking:

Kelly Fallis of Remote Stylist, suggested our question. Remote Stylist is an affordable online platform for interior design that prides itself in saving homeowners time, money and frustration when decorating a space. After the homeowner uploads pictures of his/her home and a floor plan, Remote Stylist will create a design plan within a week. Once the homeowner receives the design plan, he/she is off to shop in Remote Stylist’s online store and put their new design into action.

We asked Kelly what inspired the question. She explained that is is a lot easier to help someone when he/she is in the mind frame of wanting to be helped. One way she suggested homeowners can make a professional’s life easier is by letting her know right off the bat what they need so as not to waste time and money.

“If all we do is the info drip as to what the problem is upon first meeting, we’ve wasted fifteen minutes and there is a 50/50 chance I don’t have the information I need to do the job,” Kelly explained. “If the owner had given me all the facts upfront, I could have been prepared when we first met. What should be entirely obvious isn’t to 90% of homeowners.”

If a working relationship goes sour, most people are quick to blame the other party, reflecting on what the other person could have done better. However, just like any relationship, the shared experience of a homeowner and professional is affected by how both sides carry themselves.

What can homeowners do to make a professional’s job easier and ensure a smooth working relationship?

Is there a certain personality type or set of characteristics that ensure a great relationship?
Is there a specific level of preparation a homeowner should bring to the table?
Why should homeowners care how they affect the relationship?
Aren’t they paying for the service, and thus, deserving of an accommodating professional?
Can it be said that a happier professional will equal a better quality job?

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!