As we dive into the new year, we like to look ahead and try to predict what’s in store for homeowners and home improvement professionals. Each year, we start off by asking what trends we can look forward to. Looking back at last year’s question, we were amazed to see how accurate some of our expert predictions were.

Our designers did a great job letting us know what trends we should watch out for. This year, according to Pantone, the world’s most renowned experts on color, the number one color of 2013 has been decided: emerald green. Will we see emerald green in our homes? Which decorating trends will we see in 2013? Simplifying? Downsizing? Modernizing?

We also got great advice from our contractors and builders. Based on reports from 2012, it is clear that residential construction spending is on the rise according to the National Association of Home Builders. Will the housing market continue to improve in 2013? Even more, will current home owners be looking to accomplish specific remodeling projects?

We look to our home experts for their sound advice on what we should expect to see in 2013:

What trends will be popular this year?

Designers: What is hot right now in terms of design, color, styles, and more?

Contractors: What new materials, techniques, types of projects, fixtures, layouts, and more will dominate 2012?

Most importantly, which trends are going to last and which ones will fizzle as passing fads?

We look forward to what 2013 will bring in the home industries. Check back next week to see what our experts have to say!

Experts, post your answers in the comment field below!