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acting green

Green Behavior vs. Green Products

We asked our green experts whether it was more beneficial to act green or to buy green. We wanted to know whether energy efficient, eco-friendly products trumped simple changes of wasteful habits. Check out the infographic below, comparing the operating costs of energy efficient, green products and their regular, outdated counterparts. You might also enjoy our related infographic on wasting water in the home. Our Home professionals are answering our latest question right now! Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest updates and info from our Home Expert Network. ACTING GREEN vs. BUYING …

home show

Tips for Attending Home Shows

Home shows are meant to be fun, inspirational, and instructive, but for the unprepared they can easily turn into a confusing maze of eager sales pitches and unfamiliar jargon. Getting the most out of your home show experience takes a combination of preparation and enthusiasm. The more you know going into a home show, the more educated you’ll be when you come out. Even if you’re just going for fun and inspiration, a little planning and resource management will make your day run smoother. Come Prepared Begin making the most of your home show experience before you even leave the …

kid construction

The Best Ways to Keep a Renovation Kid-Friendly

There are a lot of things to think of when you decide to start in on a home improvement project, and sometimes details can get lost in the shuffle. So we’re here to help you with one of the most important considerations-how to keep your renovation kid-friendly! Whether you’re planning on having kids in the future, you’re a parent, or they’re just occasional guests, our list of kid-friendly considerations will give you ideas for how to incorporate their needs into your home.

natural disaster

A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Disasters

We always hope our homes will never be struck by a natural disaster. However, with all the recent earthquakes and hurricanes, we say it’s better to be safe than sorry! So we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to preparing your home from natural disasters. With luck you won’t need them, but just in case, read on… Earthquakes • Repair cracks that are long and deep in ceiling, foundations, and driveways. • Remove heavy objects from high areas. • There are special construction options available, like shear walls or horizontally reinforcing walls. • Check and restore your roof; seek a professional …

outdoor living

How to Create the Ultimate Outdoor Living Space

For our eleventh Blog-Off, we asked our experts how homeowners can create the ultimate outdoor living space. From furnishing and materials to environmental concerns and cost, our experts gave us the insider secrets for creating the best outdoor living space on the block. Need inspiration? Our design experts created visual renderings exclusively for eLocal readers. Let the backyard festivities begin… Aesthetic Considerations Add Stone: Incorporating stone (such as through a bench, fountain, or walkway) into your outdoor space is both architecturally interesting and durable. Keep the Design Consistent: Make sure the area complements your home’s design. Some homeowners consider their …

why buy local

Buy Local: Quick Facts on the Benefits of Buying Local

Why Buy Local? With current market conditions, it has become increasingly cheaper to buy distantly produced goods, despite the increased costs of packaging, transport, inspection, and associated expenses. However, along with lower prices comes the added cost of repercussions on the environment and impacts on the economic well being of your community. Here are some shocking stats & quick facts about buying local goods. Import & Shipping Statistics – The U.S. imports $2.2 trillion worth of products yearly from over 150 countries. – Aircraft transport has greater fuel consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions per mile than any other mode of transport. …

plumbing design

Incorporating Plumbing and Electrical Work into Design

Welcome to eLocal’s inaugural Blog-Off article! If you missed reading about what the Blog-Off is and our mission to unite the home improvement industry, you can read more about it in our Blog-Off series announcement. For this first Blog-Off article, we asked the experts when in the design process homeowners should make plumbing and electrical decisions. If you are considering or starting a remodel, this is a must-read!