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Northeastern Exterminating | Joseph Molluso

Joseph Molluso has been in the pest control industry for 30+ years, and has his own company, Northeastern Exterminating for 20 years. He is the 'go to' Pest control guy.



Pesky House Pests

Great post here! Very accurate and this shows why the pest control industry is so important!
house from scratch1

Designing a Home from Scratch

The most overlooked aspect of home building is rodent proofing. When contractors develop the foundation and install vents and drains they need to have pests like mice and rats in mind. Installing screens and sealing all cracks when building the home will work wonders for pest control. Doing things the right way could save you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime in a house if this is considered during construction or renovations of a home!
within the law

Working Within the Law

No matter what jurisdiction, the pest control industry has many stringent regulations and for a good reason. When you are transporting and applying pesticides you must always be careful. Our industry has many regulations, too many to write in a blog post. We must always read all pesticide labels prior to treating any pest problem. If we go against any label directions it is seen as a misapplication of pesticide. Disposing of pesticides or applying them in any other way then what the label states puts us in jeopardy for a fine or in some cases jail time. I agree with all of these regulations because they are for the safety of people, children, pets and the environment.

Ridiculous Customer Stories

The most ridiculous thing i saw a customer do is attempt to catch a mother raccoon in a attic. The price we quoted her was too high for her liking so we didnt hear a thing for a few days. Then a week later she called us begging to come remove the mother raccoon. When we entered her attic we saw a make shift raccoon trap with a mink coat, steel wire, and a laundry basket. Many homeowners dont respect the hardwork of us contractors and think we price gouge. We work hard, we have much experience and we charge the prices we do for a reason. Many of us are well seasoned, experienced individuals. We want to get paid what we are worth.

Dangerous Jobs

There are occupational hazards involved with every job. From housekeeping to plumbing, every worker risk their fingers, toes, and lungs every day. It is important to keep these hazards in mind so we can wear personal protective equipment. One of the greatest hazards of the pest control industry is the inhalation of dusts, chemicals, and animal excrement. Many pest control technicians risk their health on a daily basis to improve the quality of yours.
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Aging in Place for Homeowners

No matter the age, pest control in a home is very important to help prevent the cause and spread of many types of infections and disease. But when faced with an elderly client they must be treated slightly different because of the increased chance of health risks. Infants and elderly have one thing in common and it is a weaker immune system then healthy active adults. When applying pesticides in the homes of elderly or in nursing homes caution must be taken. Since the elderly are higher risk clients when we treat their homes we must do so carefully. We may utilize a method called integrated pest management in these homes so help reudce the risk of re infestation. Teach the client about how keeping clean can benefit as well as sealing up any rodent entry ways. Lets not all forget, we will all be elderly one day so treat them as you want to be treated. We all have parents who are elderly. Whenever i am faced with an elderly client i treat them like my mom or pop. Respect for the elders go a very long way, and its not just what you do for their home its also what you do for their hearts. They have seen the world twice around so give them some respect! :)
phone calls

Common Customer Calls

Having a pest control business in NYC can be very hectic at times. Because of the dense population in NYC the pests can easily travel from one home to another, especially in apartment buildings. We answer calls all day asking us a variety of odd questions. We try to treat everyone with dignity, patience, and respect and answer their questions as honestly as possible. I think that because we are business owners, and professionals we must take on our call of duty and help the customers. Whether the questions irritate us or not, they are reaching out for help. I always try to answer my customers questions. If i dont know, or know someone who does i try to steer the customer into that direction. Its too easy to become annoyed. As a business owner i enjoy and sometimes welcome problems, so when a customer calls me with a dilemma i try to give any helpful advice. I think its easy for well run businesses to receive compliments after the service was performed. Constructive criticisms are something i always welcome but rarely receive, so i wish we would get more phone calls about things the customer thinks we can do differently. No one is perfect, and mistakes are opportunity for lessons and growth!

The Keys to De-Cluttering

Clutter is something that service business' witness almost daily. Entering peoples homes day in and day out we witness how much ' stuff ' people can accumulate. This large amount of clutter can hinder the way that we service the clients home. Not only a fire hazard, but also a harborage for pests. Our tips for organization are - Keep it simple, Stupid! It is easier for us to keep things then throw it away. A great rule of thumb is if you haven't used it in a year then throw it away! Many people have a problem throwing something away because they feel as if they may need it. After a year, if you dont find you need it and dont want to throw it away- Then donate it! No need to be selfish, there are many people who can use those items you no longer need.
unhappy clients

How to Handle an Unhappy Client

What many people dont realize is that people are like snowflakes. You see, some people are very picky, while others are very simple. If i have learned anything in my 20 years of owning my own business its one thing, You just cant please everyone and run a successful business at the same time. I know it sounds silly, but when it comes to a service business you have to deal with the general public who may not be educated in your area of expertise. They do not have the experience you have plain and simple. Our policy at Northeastern Exterminating is to do everything in our power so make our customers smile. Sometimes we realize not everyone is easy to please. Its just a part of life and unfortunately you have to just do your very best!

Preventing Pest Problems

As we spoke about just a few weeks ago, homeowners should not be handling these problems themselves. When it comes to pests being in your home, its a problem that can multiply quickly if not taken care of immediately. At first sign of pests, a professional should be called. Always do your research about the pest. Learn about their feeding, sleeping, and reproduction habits. This information can be important in delay of pest multiplication and even aid in eradication. To minimize the chances of bringing pests into the home there are a few tips i can give to homeowners. 1- Dont bring cardboard boxes into your home from supermarkets. If the supermarket has a roach infestation ( many do ), you now just brought the infestation into your home. Purchase plastic, or glass cereal containers and as soon as you arrive home from the supermarket transfer all boxed goods into your own containers. This could be an expensive purchase as first, but in the long run will save you money as well as a headache of a pest infestation. These containers are also great in case you get a few pesky mice in your home. The mice will not be able to chew through the glass containers. Mice without a food source means they will have to hitchhike else where for dinner. 2- In the case of bed bugs, just be vigilant of where you sit and where you place your bags. The number one tip i give to homeowners is to watch a quick youtube video on " how to inspect my home for bed bugs" . After learning how to do a bed bug inspection you can do one in your home to ensure you don't have these pests. I recommend to do the inspection once a month, just to keep on top of things. With bed bugs, its better to catch the problem in the early stages of the infestation. 3- To keep mice out of the home, check the perimeter of the house for any holes or spaces. Fill all holes with cement or caulking to prevent pest entry. Install door sweeps under all doors. Mice are known to fit into spaces small than a penny! Green pest solutions do exist. When you hire a Licensed exterminator be sure to ask if they use Green pest methods if that is your preference. Now a days many pest control companies offer partial, or fully green services -- depending on the size of your infestation. Remember homeowners and business owners. Always hire a professional, and be sure they have many years experience. Keep away the critters !

DIY: the Dos and Donts

Actually, The number one problem in the pest control industry are customers who do the work them selves. To apply pesticides in homes you must be licensed. With being licensed comes knowledge. Pest control professionals must have great pest identification techniques , and must take into consideration the surroundings where the pesticides and rodenticides are being placed. For example, if their are any pets or small children around if the material is improperly applied it could lead to a very unfortunate vet or hospital visit. We are all professionals for a reason -- We are all licensed for a reason. We have the years of knowledge and experiences that money couldn't buy. Save your self the stress and always hire a professional.
historic home

Expert Tips for Historic Home Owners

Historic homes need much more attention than modern homes do, due to the older construction materials and techniques. Recently my company saw the real damage that termites could do to a famous historic home, right here in Brooklyn, New York. The property was worth millions in historic value, but due to severe termite damage it had to be completely demolished. Older homes tend to be framed with wood, which attracts termites. I would recommend that you do a yearly termite inspection if you have a historic home you would like to see increase in value. Termites are a problem you cannot ignore.
Home Hazards

What updates can make a home healthier?

The most important action a home owner can take is to hire a pest control professional to inspect every 3 months for insect damage. To keep a home in tip top shape is one difficult task. People must take into account that pests can do a great deal of damage to a home and if not kept up, will cost you thousands in the long run. For example, rats and mice have been known to chew through electrical wiring. They can even chew away at structural beams. As we all know, termites are the most important pest to inspect for. Termites can cause stressful damage to a home's foundation. Quarterly pest control is one of the most important forms of maintenance on a home. Thanks Joe
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What everyday appliances get taken for granted?

Well, being in the pest control industry I can tell you the number one thing that people do take for granted is being pest free. Once a house is infested with mice, roaches, rats or even worse, bed bugs, the home owner begins to understandably act frantic. When I am done treating the customers premises I instruct them on what they can further do to prevent pests entering the home. The best advice is for the customer to take that advice and act on it, so their home does not become infested again at a later date. -Joe

How do home businesses adapt to changing seasons?

Sounds like your adapting well!

How do home businesses adapt to changing seasons?

I own a pest control business in New York. The way we prepare for the seasons is as follows. Pest control is an ever growing industry. Warmer summer months are our busiest.The hotter weather causes the roaches and bed bugs to breed at a much faster rate than in the colder months. Normally most of our money is made during the end of spring throughout the summer.Between June-September is mainly bed bug treatments and roach treatments. The Spring brings us many Termite Inspections which can lead to termite treatments as well as many call for bees. Due to new laws, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to treat bees. When the colder months roll around is when it is the slowest for our business. We get a lot of animal control calls. Many squirrels and raccoons ( yes we have those in the city ) look for a nice warm place to hide when the temperature drops below 40 degrees outside. We have even gotten calls to remove raccoons from peoples living rooms! As a business we must be ready to adapt to the changing weather because it brings upon a great deal of skill to be able to differently deal with all of these problems.


Home Expert Awards: Designing a Home

The most overlooked aspect of home building is rodent proofing. When contractors develop the foundation and install vents and drains they need to have pests like mice and rats in mind. Installing screens and sealing all cracks when building the home will work wonders for pest control. Doing things the right way could save you tens of thousands of dollars over your lifetime in a house if this is considered during construction or renovations of a home!