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2012 trends

The Biggest Home Improvement Trends for 2012

Given today’s static housing market, more and more families are turning to home improvements to make their dream house a reality. We wanted to know what home improvement trends to expect in the coming year, so we asked our panel of experts to point us in the right direction. With their guidance and our own research we’ve compiled a summary of the biggest home improvement trends to expect in 2012.

save energy

4 Reasons to Smarten Up Your Home

This time we’re not talking about making it look better—although we think that’s also a great goal to pursue. We’re talking about adopting smart technology for the home. The use of new home technologies is sometimes greeted with doubt, but when the benefits are this useful for individuals as well as the environment, we think everyone should get an run-down of the topic.

save money

The Best Ways to Save on Bills

We all get into a routine around our homes, and don’t stop to think about the little things we do automatically. But when it comes to saving on bills, it’s the small changes that can make a big difference. With that in mind, we’ve compiled the best tips from our experts for ways to increase your home’s efficiency.

small business

Participate With Us in Small Business Saturday!

This Saturday, November 26th, is the second annual Small Business Saturday, a great initiative that supports shopping at small, local businesses, with the hope of making a big, national difference. Supporting the efforts of small businesses is one of eLocal’s tenets as a company, and we all want to get involved! After all, why not avoid the hordes of frantic Black Friday shoppers, and instead celebrate the individuality of your community by heading out a day later?


The Guide to Your New Home Improvement Toolbox

It can be difficult to find the best tool for the job; sometimes you might be in need of a tool that you didn’t even know exists! We’re hoping that this guide, compiled with the help of our experts, will give you some great ideas on the next thing you should invest in to add to your home improvement toolbox.

confessions of professional

The Confessions of a Home Improvement Pro

We’re all sensitive when it comes to something as important as your home. And everyone finds it hard sometimes to relinquish control to even the most reputable of experts. But by and large, home improvement professionals have your back when it comes to getting you where you want to go with your home. So we wanted to reveal some insiders’ perspective on how the experts approach their services, and what that means for you.

kid construction

The Best Ways to Keep a Renovation Kid-Friendly

There are a lot of things to think of when you decide to start in on a home improvement project, and sometimes details can get lost in the shuffle. So we’re here to help you with one of the most important considerations-how to keep your renovation kid-friendly! Whether you’re planning on having kids in the future, you’re a parent, or they’re just occasional guests, our list of kid-friendly considerations will give you ideas for how to incorporate their needs into your home.

natural disaster

A Homeowner’s Guide to Natural Disasters

We always hope our homes will never be struck by a natural disaster. However, with all the recent earthquakes and hurricanes, we say it’s better to be safe than sorry! So we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to preparing your home from natural disasters. With luck you won’t need them, but just in case, read on… Earthquakes • Repair cracks that are long and deep in ceiling, foundations, and driveways. • Remove heavy objects from high areas. • There are special construction options available, like shear walls or horizontally reinforcing walls. • Check and restore your roof; seek a professional …

buy home

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Home

Your new home will probably be the biggest purchase of your life, so it’s important to get it right. But with so many things to consider, sometimes buyers can get overwhelmed, and overlook important things. But eLocal is here to help! We polled our panel of experts for the most important (and least-remembered) things to do during the buying process, and were impressed by the wealth of information! We present the ultimate guide to what home buyers need to do to make the best decision: 1. Equip yourself with a dream team of professionals. • Home buying is not a …

home estimates

How To Compare Project Quotes

If you have ever solicited quotes for a home improvement project, you were probably more confused about what you were paying for than when you started. The more quotes you received the larger the variance between proposals. Pricing is in the details. Regardless of the type of project; siding replacement, window replacement, or any other home improvement; the price on the quote really doesn’t mean anything without knowing the specifications of ALL the work to be performed. For example, “replace all siding on the home” is not a specification. Describing the process of replacing the siding on your home would …