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Top 7 Tips for Renters to Personalize Their Space

This week we learned a great deal from our home experts about making a rental feel like your own space. Through careful communication with your landlord and an understanding of what is allowed on your property, you can move forward with transforming a rental. Décor can be temporary and inexpensive, but still make a large impact.

2013 trends

What are the Home Improvement Trends for 2013?

2013 looks like it will offer a great deal of improvements to the home, while incorporating nostalgic classics into design elements. After a year of intense natural disasters and warmer temperatures, our experts predict that construction will move in a more sustainable and protective direction. Color trends will be numerous; designers believe that many trendy colors are staying strong this year with a few fun additions. Finally, home remodeling projects will look to update existing features like security systems to sync with current technology. Color Color can completely transform the feel and look of a room. Even color in small …

polluted air

How can homeowners improve air quality in their homes?

You could have a chronic problem in your home and not even know about it. Poor indoor air quality. This pollution can cause significant health concerns for you and your family. The potential for air pollution lives in about every room of your home. Outdoor pollutants can enter your home and join forces with indoor irritants. These irritants can include mold, household dust, allergens from pet dander, and fumes from gas appliances. Water heaters, ovens, stoves, furnaces, fireplaces, ranges, and space heaters all release gas and particulates into the air. Poor air quality can cause symptoms like coughing, tightening of …


4 Steps for New Homeowners

Becoming a new homeowner is an exciting event, but that first year can prove to be difficult without proper preparedness. Cleaning the gutters regularly can be as valuable as being prepared for an earthquake to save both money and the integrity of your home. Together, with the help of our home services experts, we have put together a 4-step guide for new homeowners.


Top 10 Tips for Manufactured Homes

In our modern world, housing options are quite varied. From condos to apartments and permanent homes to manufactured homes, it is important to choose what is right for you and your family. This week we looked to our housing experts to learn more about the option of manufactured homes. We’ve generated a list of the top advice our experts have on manufactured homes.


Winterize Your Home

Getting your home ready for winter is important no matter where you live, whether you need to prepare for heavy rains and wind storms or freezing temperatures and feet of snow. Keeping your home safe and comfortable for your family is made easier by paying attention to key features that are susceptible to winter weather changes. When the storms and foul weather of winter arrive, you’ll want to know that your home is prepped to meet any challenge.   Winterizing Your Home When the storms and foul weather of winter arrive, you’ll want to know that your home is prepped …


What should homeowners consider when buying a toilet?

In a perfect world, a toilet would be an appliance you never had to think about. It would simply do its job and not look so hideous as to distract people while in the bathroom. Unfortunately, there are constantly-running, always-leaking, 80s-beige-colored, water-guzzling monstrosities everywhere. If it’s time to upgrade your toilet, make sure your next one isn’t a repeat failure. Dimensions Your toilet’s dimensions should take space and comfort into account. For smaller bathrooms, look for toilets that have traditional round bowls. If space permits, an elongated bowl provides more comfort because the seat is larger. Seat height is another …


Building on Sustainability

On June 5, the United Nations Environment Programme will celebrate World Environment Day. Now in its 40th year, World Environment Day is a global initiative “for positive environmental action.” Worldwide, construction has enormous potential to affect the environment in positive and negative ways. Forests are harvested for wood, fossil fuels are burned for transportation and the earth is gutted for metals, all to create and move new building materials. One of the best ways to reduce environmental impact in the construction industry is to use sustainable materials, whether it’s giving new life to windows reclaimed from an abandoned building or …

home show

Tips for Attending Home Shows

Home shows are meant to be fun, inspirational, and instructive, but for the unprepared they can easily turn into a confusing maze of eager sales pitches and unfamiliar jargon. Getting the most out of your home show experience takes a combination of preparation and enthusiasm. The more you know going into a home show, the more educated you’ll be when you come out. Even if you’re just going for fun and inspiration, a little planning and resource management will make your day run smoother. Come Prepared Begin making the most of your home show experience before you even leave the …

home estimates

Understanding Home Improvement Estimates

Even the simplest home improvement project requires advance planning. Homeowners need to choose a design and connect with a professional to make that design a reality, while staying on budget. Estimates help the planning process by creating a basic outline of work to be completed. Estimates include the cost of the project, how long it will take, what warranties are included and what materials will be used. Having a clear understanding of your estimate will go a long way to make your home improvement project run smoothly. The Basics Contractors are quick to point out that homeowners should understand what …