What’s the most dangerous part of your job?

Most home owners don’t think of home improvement as being particularly dangerous. Sure, you have to watch where you step on a construction site, but the work itself is pretty straight-forward and easy to learn, right? Not according to our experts. Last week, we asked our home maintenance professionals what the most dangerous parts of their jobs are, and their answers were often surprising. Here are just a few of the hidden risks involved in three major categories of home improvement. All of them are excellent reminders of why you should hire professionals and not try to DIY all of …

preventing pests

What are the most problematic pests?

A pest infestation is just about the worst thing that can happen to disrupt your life. Once the creepy critters move in, you start to feel unwelcome in your own home. There are lots of options on the market for getting rid of pests, including pesticides and traps, but most of them are dangerous to administer without proper training. In fact, according to the National Pesticide Information Center, in 2011 there were 2,533 reported incidents of pesticide poisoning in the US. Infestations should always be addressed by a pest control professional. But that doesn’t mean you can’t defend your home …

Home Hazards

Caution! Home Health Invaders

Keeping your home safe and secure is the most important priority as a homeowner. But sometimes, it’s hard to know that you are even being exposed to harm. From toxins in the air to mold in your walls, there are lots of threats to your home’s health that you can’t even see. To help ensure that we know how to keep our home free of these hard-to-see invaders, we asked our home improvement experts for some tips. With their help and our own research, we created the infographic below to help guide you towards a safer, healthier home. Our Home …

customer service

Decline In Customer Service: A Sign of the Times?

It is no secret that our economy has seen better days. I can’t even begin to comprehend the amount of people who have lost jobs, homes, cars, and their families over the past few years due to the mere fact of…..MONEY. It makes our world go round. So much so that we are forced to have it. We don’t want it, we need it. We take pride in earning it and spending it. This love for money, however, creates a double edged sword… Those earning it probably feel that the job they are working doesn’t provide enough of it. This …