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Ridiculous Customer Stories: Home Expert Awards

Working in the home improvement industry means interacting with a lot of home owners. Most of the time, clients are pretty understanding of what it is you do and how to handle themselves in a home-building situation, but occasionally you come across that customer who just doesn’t seem to “get it.” But what can you do when a client is behaving in an unacceptable, or even downright ridiculous, way?

Our home experts have been in the business a long time, and they have seen it all. We asked them for their favorite crazy customer stories, and a little advice on how to handle the situation without compromising your own dignity–if that’s even possible. Here are some of the best stories they had to offer.

Below, we’ve compiled a few of the helpful answers our experts provided. Check back later in the week for a follow-up article!

What’s the most ridiculous thing a client has done?

Are there any questions you wish homeowners would just Google before hiring you?

What misconceptions do your customers often have about what you do?<

What are your strategies for bringing a client back to reality?

Has a client’s unrealistic expectations ever prevented you from finishing a project?

Most Inspiring

"Many homeowners dont respect the hardwork of us contractors and think we price gouge. We work hard, we have much experience and we charge the prices we do for a reason. Many of us are well seasoned, experienced individuals. We want to get paid what we are worth." read more

A recurring theme in our expert comments was clients who didn't understand what they were paying for when hiring professionals, who thought they could do the work themselves. If you're considering hiring a professional, it's probably because you don't know how to do it yourself, and that doesn't change when you see the price tag!

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Most Creative

“A guy wanted his washing machine placed in a shower in case it should overflow and the step increased in height to act as a reservoir. I told him it is a great way to get yourself electrocuted as the machine sat in water.” read more

Sylvan's comment is a great example of why homeowners should listen to the professionals rather than their own personal preferences. Sometimes, the expert's viewpoint could actually save your life, which is why you should always listen carefully.

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Most Insightful

“Another funny mistake that I’ve seen one of our investors make before is not comparing estimates accurately. We gave a bid for materials and labor for a project and competed against another contractor that only bid labor. Our bid was a few hundred dollars higher. The investor only looked at the dollar amount and hired the other contractor. When it was all said and done, the investor paid a lot more to get the job completed.” read more

Often, homeowners don't even know what they are doing when they are comparing prices. They just want to find the solution that will cost them the least amount of money. As Matthew points out, though, that can actually be a pretty bad strategy, and end up costing you more in the long run. Clients need to learn to pay attention.

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Most Articulate

“I always want our clients to be happy and 99 percent of the time they do listen to our professional opinion. This was not one of those times. They’re happy and I’m still shaking my head.” read more

Not listening to the professional you've hired is far too common among homeowners. Lots of clients think that they are looking out for their own best interests, but this is not the case. Home professionals are usually looking to save you money, and usually their advice is well worth taking.

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Most Informative

“The level of training to be licensed technicians is very extensive and covers everything.... Many times clients want things done their way, often being a violation of the label or methods outside good business practices.” read more

The most ridiculous stories seem to come when clients think they know better than the professionals they've hired, which makes you wonder why they bothered to hire a professional in the first place. Home improvement experts do things in a certain way for a reason--to make sure that you stay safe. If you think you can do better, you should get the proper licensing yourself and then see how you fare.

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