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Home Improvent Trends of 2013: Home Expert Awards

Ringing in the new year means looking forward to all of the exciting improvements and trends that 2013 will bring. Improvements and trends to the home are no exception. With the start of 2013, we are looking to predict this year’s top trends for improving your home’s design, remodeling and building more environmentally friendly, constructing homes that can withstand natural disasters, and lastly, making your home a comfortable and safe haven for you and your family.

To get a glimpse of what 2013 might bring, we looked to our panel of home experts to reveal some of the biggest trends we can expect for the following year.

Below, we’ve awarded the comments we found most valuable. Check back later in the week to see what other trends we will see in our homes this year.

What are the Home Improvement Trends for 2013?

Designers: What is hot right now in terms of design, color, styles, and more?

Contractors: What new materials, techniques, types of projects, fixtures, layouts, and more will dominate 2013?

Most Inspiring

"The use of weathered, vintage, and reclaimed pieces will be a major contrast to the endless white walls of past McMansion era decor. Clients are particularly interested in pieces that have a history or a story to them. Decor items such as old signage, industrial storage units, and building materials (such as old brick or wood) are highly sought after." read more

Kraig’s comment is great because he compares our current mindset to the past. We are more nostalgic with décor now, looking for pieces that have history and share some meaning with us.

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Most Creative

"Pantone predicted that emerald green is 2013′s color of the year. Emerald is lovely, but highly saturated, and may be hard for homeowners to stomach on a grand scale. I will use it as an accent color and in patterned fabrics like florals and toiles. I still like citron and apple green in 2013. Because they’re lighter and fresher, they’re easier to use in large scale." read more

Laurie believes that emerald green will be used in the coming year as Pantone has predicted. However, a difficult color to work with, Laurie does not think we will see it utilized on a large scale.

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Most Insightful

"There is an opportunity to invest in the future — today. There are about 500,000 damaged or destroyed properties in the Northeast alone. Here’s hoping we lead the way in climate change adaption and hazard mitigation, and make the tough decisions by moving forward with infrastructure that values science, cost-efficiencies and sustainable operations." read more

Peter’s comment is great because he is looking way ahead. Peter encourages us to adapt to climate change and prepare for natural disasters through improved infrastructure.

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Most Articulate

"How we use our homes has been changing, and the need for improvement is stronger than ever. There are well over a million homes in the U.S. and many need updating." read more

Jason says that it is time for our homes to be updated to reflect the technology of 2013. Many of our homes have grown to be outdated aesthetically and functionally.

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