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Dangerous Jobs: Home Expert Awards

As homeowners go about their lives, it can be easy to look at things like their plumbing and electrical work without thinking about how dangerous those things can really be. An improperly installed washing machine or poorly wired socket can spell disaster, not only for the homeowner but also for the person doing the installation. Home improvement professionals handle risks like these every day, ensuring that homeowners don’t have to worry about the potential dangers.

We wanted to know about the daily risks and dangers that our experts face just doing their jobs. We asked them to tell us about the most dangerous aspects of their work in the hopes that homeowners can gain a better appreciation for just how risky a lot of this work can be–and how valuable professionals are. Hiring a home improvement professional doesn’t just ensure the work is done well. It also ensures that the work is done safely!

Below, we’ve compiled a few of the helpful answers our experts provided. Check back later in the week for a follow-up article!

What’s the most dangerous part of your job?

Have you ever had a close call on a job site?

What would a worst-case scenario for your job look like?

What aspects of your work should never be attempted by an untrained person?

What’s the biggest disaster you’ve ever heard of an untrained person getting themselves into?

Most Inspiring

"There are occupational hazards involved with every job. From housekeeping to plumbing, every worker risk their fingers, toes, and lungs every day. It is important to keep these hazards in mind so we can wear personal protective equipment." read more

There are risks and dangers involved in just about every hands-on profession. That's just part of the industry. But it doesn't have to mean putting yourself at risk; personal protective equipment and proper training can drastically cut down on the dangers involved in any profession, even if they will always be there.

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Most Creative

“The two gases [LPG and Natural] are so different that the wrong one installed can blow up an entire building along with any one in it. This is a silent killer and too often the media does not [report it because] ... there is nothing media worthy about a house fire, and as a result media education is missing.” read more

There are some really serious risks involved in some home improvement industries, but the public rarely hears about them because they don't make the news. Gas explosions resulting from improper plumbing are just one example of the dangers that can make DIY risky. When in doubt, hire a professional, because you might not know how big of a risk you're taking trying to do it yourself.

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Most Insightful

“Always use caution when taking on a new project, review the area you will be working in and take note of anything can be a potential safety issue. When in doubt, call a professional.” read more

When it comes to home improvement, there is no such thing as being too careful. Never assume that things are going to be fine--know it. If you aren't sure, leave it to a professional, because you probably don't even know all the possibilities of things that could go wrong.

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Most Articulate

“Besides the obvious ones of the dangers of electrocution, electricians are often working at very high altitudes. They have to not only be aware of the fall, but they also have to be very mindful of the fact that they are sometimes working on “live” or “energized” circuitry while they are up there. ... Getting hit with an electrical “jolt” can easily cause a technician to lose his or her balance or grip.” read more

Homeowners might think they know what the risks involved in home improvement are, but often the real dangers lie in directions they might not think about. For example, electricians often have to worry about the risk of falling as much as getting electrocuted, because they work in precarious places. This is why professionals are necessary for making sure work is done safely.

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Most Informative

“We never let an untrained employee under the house without the proper knowledge & equipment. There is always a potential for something bad to happen so the better prepared our plumbers are, the less likely something will go wrong. We have heard many stories of employees that weren’t trained & found themselves in a risky situation. Some were lucky while others ended up with bad injuries. It is best to leave those kind of jobs for expert technicians that have the knowledge, experience & expertise.” read more

Even for a professional, many of the risks of the various home improvement industries can be too much to handle. Training is extensive, and mistakes can be deceptively easy to make. Professionals do their best to ensure that everyone working for their company is properly trained and informed about the risks, but even the most prepared professional will occasionally encounter risky situations. Training can, quite literally, safe your life.

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