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Business Changes by Season: Home Expert Awards

Since many home industry businesses are greatly affected by the time of year, professionals are used to highs and lows of cash flow and productivity. To keep money coming in, many businesses amp up their marketing campaigns and/or change their services based on the season. Some companies even move their services to where their optimum work conditions do exist. This could mean roofing in northern states in the summer and southern states in the winter.

We know that for most businesses to stay afloat they need to plan for peaks and dips in revenue. If a company is only open for 4 months, they must make all of their profits to sustain for the entire year. From our research this is difficult to do, and many of our experts have shared how they adapt their business to varying seasons of business.

Below, we’ve awarded the comments we found most valuable. Check back later in the week to learn more tips about preparing your business for the season.

How do home businesses adapt to changing seasons throughout the year?

Do home businesses change their services based on the season?

Does it make sense for some businesses to shut down during their slow period of the year?

Most Inspiring

"We adapt by changing our sales and marketing strategies during the slow months. We market aggressively on the internet and we are able to offer value pricing by purchasing truckloads of discontinued supplies at a discount and passing a portion of the savings along to our customers." read more

John makes a great point, marketing should become more of a focus during the slower months. Most businesses can offer discounts when things slow down, and advertising a discount is a great marketing tool. Even more, aggressive marketing during down time can bring more customers in when the busy season returns.

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Most Creative

"Any business that has seasonal demand can also shift their focus to interior work or climate specific outdoor work. Just as many landscapers offer cleanup and plowing services in the winter, many other opportunities exist in heating, insulation, window replacement, and interior renovations. There is always work to be done, regardless of season." read more

Kraig brings up a valuable point, offer services specific to the season. You may have to learn a new skill and train your employees to offer a new service, but the monetary pay-off will probably be worth it.

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Most Insightful

"If a business is very season specific, like landscaping or pool cleaning, you may often see those companies offset their scope of business with snow removal, for example. Otherwise flying South for the winter may be an ideal option." read more

Richard gives some pretty basic advice, if you are not willing to change services based on the season, it could be worth relocating to keep your business afloat. Small businesses affected by the weather could have a winter and summer location to keep busy regardless of the weather.

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Most Articulate

"One of the reasons local HVAC companies partner with GreenHomes America is to address the rollercoaster ride of work as the seasons change. After all, it makes sense that a heating and cooling company might be affected by the seasons." read more

Jason gives us a very innovative solution for surviving slower months: partner with another company offering a differing service. Partnerships with two complimentary businesses can be very profitable for both.

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Most Informative

"We also spend our down time educating our staff on any new products and installation techniques. We strive to do anything that will help our company and our clients throughout the next year. I believe this has helped us stay busy throughout the year and keep our employees around all year and not just seasonal employees. The employees are the back-bone of any business and to turn employees into seasonal workers can be the downfall of customer relationships and eventually the downfall of your business." read more

Matthew brings up a valuable point, taking the time in the slower season to train your employees can be a game-changer for revenue. Retaining educated and motivated employees can greatly improve the level of service and profitability of a business.

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