Many people like to think about love and marriage as intertwined, and believe that so long as the love is there, the marriage will follow naturally. However, this is not always the case. While the more romantic notions of marriage might be tied to love, marriage is also a legal institution, which means that it comes with a whole host of complicated issues that must be addressed. There are many legal factors involved in a wedding that may require the attentions of a lawyer.

Why we’re asking:

Nobody likes to think about the legal realities of getting married–it’s much easier to focus on the warm and fuzzy aspects. However, ignoring the legal side doesn’t mean it will go away. There are many different problems that can crop up when two people become legally joined, and it is important to consider how your marriage will affect your legal status before you go through with it. Consulting with a lawyer may not seem romantic, but as our legal professionals know, it’s definitely the smart thing to do.

Professionals, share your thoughts below:

Why should you consult with a lawyer before getting married?

What issues most often come up in pre-nuptial negotiations?

How does getting married affect child custody? How about tax status? Citizenship?

Have you ever had a client decide not to get married after looking at the legal realities of it?

What are the most prominent legal benefits of marriage? How about the drawbacks?

When is getting legally married a bad decision? What alternatives to legal marriage are there?

Before you can ride off into the sunset, consulting with a lawyer is probably a good decision. After all, nobody wants their happily ever after to turn into a legal nightmare.

Please post your answers in the comment field below!

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