Ground hogs are a nuisance, but killing them is not legal. If you have ground hogs invading your property, you need to use a pest control company that works with live traps. After catching the critters, proper pest management should keep the ground hogs off your property and give you back your yard. Live traps used by exterminators are approved by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) as a safe and effective way of removing critters from properties without the need to harm the animal.

Once captured, the animals are then transferred to the wild, far away from your property. The proper way to control ground hogs from coming back is not with pesticides or live traps. The exterminator will use only safe and approved methods to secure your yard. Eliminating ground hogs is not always easy. Baiting requires some knowledge about the animal in order to trap them successfully. Pest control is useful only if it is done correctly. If you use poison to bait the ground hog and then kill it you will face penalties from the DNR. It is safer to have a company that uses proper techniques for catching and preventing them from coming back.

Keep in mind that ground hogs can become easily angered and attack if they feel threatened. You might think that baiting one yourself and catching it is going to be easy, but they can be frightening even after you catch them. Releasing them is another story. You should use a professional exterminator for this type of job. They will know exactly what to do and how to effectively keep the ground hogs away from your property. If you have a problem with ground hogs, you need to call someone that can help you. The situation can be rather dangerous if you do not know what you are doing.

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