Fleas affect people, pets and wild animals. You can get a flea infestation inside or outside your home. Pest control is essential for getting rid of the infestation and pest management is essential for keeping the pest away. When your yard becomes infested with fleas due to wild animals or some other reason, you need to eliminate the fleas safely. If they enter your home on a pet or on your clothing, you will have a much bigger problem. Exterminators see flea problems starting in the spring months. Not only do you have to treat your home, but you also have to treat your pets.

Advantage Plus is a good treatment for cats and dogs. Advantage Plus works to keep fleas off the pets. Your home on the other hand is a different story. You can spray your home with an over-the-counter pesticide, but that is only going to kill the live fleas. It will not kill the eggs that have been laid all over your home. You need to have some type of pest management plan in place. A pest control company can tell you everything that needs to be done and when. It is better to have a professional exterminator start the initial steps for eliminating the fleas.

A pest control company will know what pesticide to use and how often the process needs to be done. The flea eggs hatch and produce an entire new batch of fleas. You need to continue pest control until the home is free of any live fleas and eggs. Everything you own will have to be cleaned and treated. Continued vacuuming and applications of the pesticide are necessary to keep fleas managed. If you have fleas outside, contact a pest control company to work on the infestation safely.

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